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5 Interesting Facts about Korean Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman

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Cable television station, tvN again presents a legal drama that is ready to entertain the audience entitled Military Prosecutor Doberman. This drama stars famous South Korean artists, such as Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Bo Ah, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Young Min, and Kim Woo Seok.

In addition, this drama made by Jin Chang Gyu is also set in a military prosecutor who has never been appointed before in Korean dramas, you know. These things become the attraction that the audience is waiting for. Well, actually there are many other attractions that this drama has. Want to know anything?

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1. Unique concept

5 Interesting Facts about the Korean Military Prosecutor Doberman Drama, Full of Action!poster KDrama Military Prosecutor Doberman (

Ahn Bo Hyun as one of the main cast of the drama Military Prosecutor Doberman shared his reasons for accepting this drama offer during a press conference on Wednesday (23/02/2022). He reads the scripts of the first to fourth episodes at a time, you know.

Initially, doubts arose in his heart as to whether he could perform a legal drama set in a court of law. However, when he saw the plot which had never been adapted before, he felt the joy of reading the script.

“Many may think that the story will be hard to follow because this drama is a legal drama, but the premise of the story is really unique. In fact, the way the writer and director developed the plot can give satisfaction to the audience,” he said, as reported by the news agency. The Korea Times.

What kind of uniqueness will the drama present Military Prosecutor Doberman? It can only be answered when you watch the drama, here.

2. Show me the other side of the military court

5 Interesting Facts about the Korean Military Prosecutor Doberman Drama, Full of Action!poster KDrama Military Prosecutor Doberman (

The director, Jin Chang Gyu confirmed that the drama Military Prosecutor Doberman raised a somewhat foreign topic, namely military tribunals. Not many people know it exists. These military courts also contain legal professions, such as judges, prosecutors, and lawyers who have ranks.

Well, the existence of this rank or position has a big influence on the legal decisions taken. Decisions can be canceled if there is a direct order from the commander or division commander.

According to him, the conflict that comes from the difference in rank will be interesting to watch. Does law or rank come first? This is the dilemma that exists within the military tribunal and the production team is working to convey those aspects.

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3. A lightly-packed mystery-law drama

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5 Interesting Facts about the Korean Military Prosecutor Doberman Drama, Full of Action!poster KDrama Military Prosecutor Doberman (

Talking about the mystery-law drama, the audience immediately imagines the heavy and enigmatic premise of the story. However, it’s different with drama Military Prosecutor Doberman. Director Jin Chang Gyu said that he set up a less serious plot when opening the story, regardless of the drama genre.

You might think this drama is heavy because of the court drama, but we tried to make the drama with the lightest atmosphere and this is what sets it apart from other court dramas. Viewers will also notice the different acting quality of the cast compared to what they have shown. in a previous project. So, this drama is fun to watch,” he explained, as reported by soompi.

4. Total cast

5 Interesting Facts about the Korean Military Prosecutor Doberman Drama, Full of Action!the cast of KDrama Military Prosecutor Doberman (

During the press conference, the cast shared their efforts to explore the character they were playing. Ahn Bo Hyun feels nostalgic when wearing a military uniform. Memories of when he was serving in the military seemed to repeat itself. He is willing to shave his hair to show image different through the character of Do Bae Man.

Ahn Bo Hyun explained, “I put myself into the character as if I was enlisting again. I shaved my hair and took part as if I was on a mission.

After three moneys, Jo Bo Ah was willing to cut her hair. This was the first time he had cut his hair that short. According to him, playing the character of Cha Woo In is a challenge that he has never played before. Cha Woo In is very strong and good at fighting. He also had to practice action scenes to bring the character to life.

Oh Yeon Soo plays the character of Noh Hwa Young, the leader of the first female division since the establishment of the military. He also explained that he didn’t know much about military matters. Because of this, he learned a lot and knew that problems in the military were not handled by external courts. He does a lot brainstorm and researching the military while filming.

Kim Young Min plays lawyer Yong Moon Goo, the director of a leading Korean law firm and a former special forces prosecutor. He claimed to believe in the director and writer, so he enjoyed the filming process and was eager to build chemistry with other actors.

Kim Woo Seok worked hard while auditioning for the role of Noh Tae Nam, chaebol the third generation who became the chairman of a leading conglomerate even though he was only in his 20s. He works diligently and is very grateful to be able to work on this project with his seniors.

5. Teach the meaning of maturity

5 Interesting Facts about the Korean Military Prosecutor Doberman Drama, Full of Action!Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah at KDrama Military Prosecutor Doberman (

Age has a hand in determining maturity, but is not the main factor. Instead, maturity is determined from the learning process that takes place within a person, changing himself for the better based on experience, knowledge, and others.

Military Prosecutor Doberman invites viewers to enjoy the life of Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) who pursues success and wealth through his work as a military prosecutor and Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah) who becomes a military prosecutor to take revenge. They begin to work together to destroy evil in the military environment. During that time, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In grew into true military prosecutors. Well, the meaning of this maturity will be shown in detail by the director through 16 episodes.

The reviews above are enough to make you interested in watching the drama Military Prosecutor Doberman, no? Not only entertaining, but there are lessons to be learned from the drama Ahn Bo Hyun cs. The drama will premiere on February 28 at 10.30 KST. Don’t forget to watch on the platform stream your favourite, yes!

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