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5 Impacts When Gadgets Are More Attractive Than Couples

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Completely removing gadgets from your life seems impossible. This one device has become a necessity in today’s human life.

Even so, you should be able to control its use. It’s not even you who are controlled by gadgets. This is evident when gadgets steal too much of your time and attention.

Although gadgets provide great benefits in human life, they can also pose a danger to your relationship. Here are five of them:

1. You have lots of photos and videos, but few memories

illustration of photographing a couple ( Lach)

One of the most frequently used gadgets is smartphones. Armed with this one gadget, you can capture moments of togetherness. For example, while on vacation or a romantic dinner.

However, is it true that the memories of being together are firmly entrenched in your memory? More specifically, when you remember it, your heart is touched? For example, by feeling warm.

If you only remember the incident but no emotion is aroused, beware. Apparently, the fun of capturing moments with gadgets has made you forget to ‘enter’ into the moment itself.

You are more preoccupied with how to take good pictures than really enjoying the moment together. In order to get photos of beautiful menu plates, you even have the heart to tell a hungry couple not to eat first.

2. Close physically, far away mentally

5 Negative Impacts When Gadgets Are More Attractive Than Couplesillustration of busy with gadgets ( production)

What is the use of a husband and wife relationship as in the illustration? One bed and blanket, but each one is engrossed in his gadget. Physically you guys are really close even touching.

However, inwardly you become barely connected. This relationship can not necessarily be established by just you living at home and even sleeping in the same bed.

Inner closeness is built with communication both verbally and nonverbally. Of course, this kind of communication can only work if you pay attention to each other’s speech and body language and not just a pair of ears.

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3. Prefer to vent on social media than talk about it with your partner

5 Negative Impacts When Gadgets Are More Attractive Than Couplesillustration of ignoring a partner ( Lach)

With gadgets, many people are usually busy with opening social media. There is no prohibition against occasionally venting on social media. However, don’t let you put more trust and comfort on social media than your partner.

The outpouring of your heart is indeed being heard by the ‘whole’ world. However, are you really going to get a solution from there? Or, the many comments that are not wise will actually plunge you into a misguided thought?

When there is a problem, turn to your partner. Even if the problem is your own relationship, what you need is to have a good talk about it. Not a bit of complaining to social media through gadgets.

4. Confused looking for chat topics if there is no gadget

5 Negative Impacts When Gadgets Are More Attractive Than Couplescouple and gadget illustration ( Krukov)

Without you knowing it, gadgets have created a very high sense of dependence. To the extent that its existence ignites all your ideas. On the other hand, without a gadget within reach, all topics will feel stale.

By opening the gadget and surfing the internet, you can discuss artist problems or whatever is displayed on the screen. Once the gadget is gone, you both become clumsy and confused about what to do to kill time.

In fact, togetherness with a partner should be a special moment. But you actually become more easily grumpy when the gadget is not in your hand. For example, it is better to be separated from a partner than from a gadget.

5. You don’t have quality time

5 Negative Impacts When Gadgets Are More Attractive Than Couplesillustration of busy with gadgets ( Drew)

There’s actually a lot of time for the two of you to spend together. However, that time will be quality or not entirely depending on how you use it.

If you continue to take care of gadgets, of course, no matter how much time becomes of no quality. It’s not real busyness that makes quality time you are reduced, but the reluctance to take a break from things called gadgets.

When life without gadgets is no longer possible, your homework is just to use it wisely wherever and whenever. Feel free to put it a bit further when you’re with your partner and let the world be yours.

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