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5 Good Habits That Make You Loved by Your Friends

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Of course you are already familiar, don’t you know what term you sow you will reap? If you often do evil to others, of course, bad effects will come to you. Vice versa. When you often spread vibes positive, of course the people around you will do the same to you, really.

So don’t be surprised, when you feel very loved by your friends. For example, when you experience a disaster, without being asked, they immediately flock to help. This must be because you used to do good to them before. Like doing the following five good habits.

1. Never talk bad about friends behind their back

gossiping people illustration (

As close friends, of course you know more or less about their disgrace. Because all this time you like to talk to each other. Fortunately, the big secret is always safe in your hands. You never once intended to reveal it to anyone else. Moreover, make it the subject of gossip.

Because you think it’s not a commendable act. If you were in their position, of course you wouldn’t want the disgrace to be exposed and consumed by many people, right? For that, you always try to hide the weaknesses of your friends. This is what makes them salute and really trust you.

2. Always provide yourself when friends need to complain

5 Good Habits That Make You Loved by Your Friendsillustration of confiding to a friend ( Lusina)

For most of your friends, you are their favorite place to vent. Apart from being able to give positive feedback and being able to keep secrets, you also always make a lot of time for them. Never, you said you couldn’t. Even if you have personal matters, you must find time on another day.

Even though if you think about it, it’s your right not to accept their complaints, really. But you have a principle, as friends you must help each other. After all, when you need a place to vent, you’ll end up contacting your friends, right? Unknowingly these habits have built a positive image of you, you know.

3. Likes to offer help when friends are in trouble

5 Good Habits That Make You Loved by Your Friendsillustration helping friends ( production)

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You are a sensitive type of person. Especially the people around you. One of them is a friend. That’s why, when a friend is having trouble, without being asked, you will readily offer help. For no reason, this is simply because you feel sorry for the calamity they are facing.

So don’t be surprised, if every time you are in a difficult position, help always comes unexpectedly. This is the fruit of the good habits you showed earlier. Your friends feel indebted and must repay your kindness.

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4. Not stingy about science and material to your friends

5 Good Habits That Make You Loved by Your Friendsillustration of studying together ( May)

People who have a stingy character must look very annoying. The reason is, they are reluctant to share and want everything to be controlled by themselves. Fortunately, you are far from such a trait. On the contrary, in the eyes of your friends, you are a loyal figure. Not only about the material, you are also never stingy with knowledge.

As long as you know, if someone asks, it will be explained until they understand. Especially when it comes to money. For friends, as long as you can afford it, you won’t be stingy, really. For example, when you are hanging out together. Usually likes to jointly pay for the food. You always try to give more so that the burden of your friends is a little lighter. Hello!

5. Always keep your words and know the portion when joking

5 Good Habits That Make You Loved by Your Friendsillustration of joking with friends ( Plavalaguna)

You guys have been close friends since high school until you worked together. There should be no more baper terms for joking, dong. Everything can be a joke and should not be taken to heart. But for you this kind of concept can not always be used. Have to look at the situation and conditions first.

It’s not every day that your friends have mood the good one. It could be that he looks gloomy because of many problems. It should not be made funny, let alone to mention a sensitive topic for him. You know very well how to position yourself and joke according to your portion. So that no friend has been hurt by your words. This is what makes them love you so much.

Doing good to fellow friends, especially if you do it sincerely, will have a good impact too, really. The proof, now you are surrounded by friends who really love you like a brother. So, don’t get tired of doing these five good habits, okay? Undoubtedly, your life will feel more beautiful and comfortable to live.

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