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5 Fun Ways to Use Samsung The Freestyle

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Samsung always presents innovations that are beneficial for the lives of consumers, including the younger generation of Indonesia, one of which is through the Lifestyle TV line. After presenting the rotating TV The Sero for connoisseurs of vertical content and social media, in 2022 Samsung Electronics Indonesia will present The Freestyle.

This is a portable projector that is multifunctional to enjoy content in various places with ease. Receiving positive feedback from consumers in the early pre-order period, The Freestyle sold out within 10 days of pre-order opening.

“We thank loyal Indonesian consumers who are enthusiastic about welcoming The Freestyle through pre-orders until they are ordered out within 10 days,” said Isnova Mutiarachmi, AV Business Head, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Innovations in The Freestyle produce a portable projector without a screen that is compact, with a flexible stand and can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that it can project your favorite series to smartphone content onto any surface. Everywhere, everything comes with a view that is always level and perpendicular without distortion.

Here are some ideas for using The Freestyle for fun in any setting:

#1 Enjoy content in unusual places

The Freestyle can be used in any space, even those that are limited in size. This projector can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, or even studio apartments. With a flexible cradle, The Freestyle can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that it is easy to project anywhere, even to the ceiling.

When you’re sleepy, just turn off The Freestyle with a voice command. More than that, The Freestyle also has a Scale & Move feature that makes it easy for users to adjust the position and size of the projected screen without the need to move the device.

Even if projected at close range, this smart device is capable of displaying content from 30 to 100 inches in size. This gives freedom to enjoy various kinds of content. Watching an important match in your favorite basketball league? Check!

Or do you want to cook yourself to live a healthier life? Use The Freestyle to project a YouTube video of a new menu cooking tutorial on the kitchen wall, while working on the necessary ingredients. Easy isn’t it?

#2 Take The Freestyle anywhere

The Freestyle is very compact and weighs only 830 grams. Therefore, just put The Freestyle and powerbank into your backpack and you and your family or friends are ready to travel anywhere, traveling out of town, even camping.

For the freedom to enjoy unlimited entertainment anywhere and anytime, The Freestyle is certified by the world’s leading over-the-top (OTT) service provider so you can enjoy your favorite series or movies on Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, and more, in various places, even in tents.

#3 Liven up the party

Design a graduation party or birthday party from just this one tiny device. Use The Freestyle to play playlists, while projecting a slideshow or ambient light that supports the mood. The Freestyle is equipped with dual passive radiators to produce clear and deeper bass without distortion.

#4 Home decor

For home d├ęcor fans, The Freestyle can also be used to liven up the atmosphere at home. Even though the walls of the house are not white, or even the wall area is very limited, you can still create a dwelling that suits your taste and passion with lighting effects, pictures or other decorations.

#5 Get fit all the time

Regular exercise is certainly important for everyone, from health benefits to being a means to achieve the desired body goals. The Freestyle lets you do yoga sessions, meditate or follow exercise tutorials anywhere.

For example, project a yoga or fitness guide from a YouTube video on your wall. If you want to recover, do meditation by playing mirrored music from your smartphone and don’t forget to include a supportive ambient light.

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