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5 Fun Games Collaborating with Final Fantasy, Really Fun!

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Final Fantasy (FF) is a must-play game. Not only gameplayonly, but also storyalways immersive, encompassing stories of adventure and romance. There have been 15 major titles that have been released through Square Enix’s long journey and they all give different impressions. Therefore, collaborating with their FF project is a dream and an honor for them developer another game.

There are at least more than 10 other games that have featured FF characters as playable characters . One of the first is game fighting named Ehrgeiz which was on Playstation 1 in 1998. What do you think about the games that had worked with FF? Here are the five best and you can still play until now!

1. Monster Hunter: World

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 did provide many surprises. In addition to the announcement of Resident Evil 2: Remake, E3 also announced the collaboration of Monster Hunter with FF. At that time, what appeared in trailers is FF IV with Rathalos present.

But a few weeks later, came trailers which shows the Behemoth in the game Monster Hunter: World. Until now, there are still many who try to conquer Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World, but many fail because Behemoth has many health points and have skills instant KO.

2. The Alchemist Code

5 Fun Games Collaborating with Final Fantasy, Really Fun! MalavarTCOne

Some time ago, about two to three months ago, game mobile The JRPG announced it would have a collaborative project with SquareEnix. Sure enough, they got a partnership with FF XV and brought in Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus as playable characters.

In fact, there is a story from FF XV which is slightly connected to the main character of Alchemist Code. Honest, Alchemist Code developer very lucky to get that FF series.

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3. Super Smash Bros 4 Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

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5 Fun Games Collaborating with Final Fantasy, Really Fun! kwingsletsplays

It is a very, very, very surprising thing when Final Fantasy contributes a character. No half-hearted either, who is included in the lineup of Super Smash Bros. characters is Cloud Strife from FF VII. He is the most popular character that SquareEnix has ever created, so anyone who saw him at that time was immediately ecstatic, especially for FF fans.

It is known that the character entered after the announcement of FF VII will receive a remake. So it could be pointed out that it was SquareEnix’s strategy to enliven the atmosphere.

4. Puzzles and Dragons

5 Fun Games Collaborating with Final Fantasy, Really Fun!

For Indonesians, Puzzle and Dragons is a game that is rarely played. Merge puzzle gameplay like Candy Crush and turn based JRPG and also a collection of monsters, Puzzle and Dragons have a fairly high level of difficulty. Remember puzzle This kind of thing also requires luck.

Their collaboration with Final Fantasy brings together many challenging iconic foes. Starting from Kefka, Gilgamesh, to Neo Exdeath.

5. Brave Frontier

5 Fun Games Collaborating with Final Fantasy, Really Fun!

The originators of the game Brave Frontier have teamed up with SquareEnix to form the mobile games Final Fantasy is called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE). It’s not wrong if in the end the original FF character is present in the Brave Frontier game.

In June 2017, Brave Frontier players were able to get Rain, Laswell and Fina, the three main characters of FFBE. As for other characters and special dungeons that are specially designed from FFBE and you can get more points if you bring the FFBE character.

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