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5 Foods to Avoid After Exercising

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The calories burned during exercise will make you feel hungry and tend to want to eat various types of food. Well, if you choose the wrong food after exercise, then the body will find it difficult to restore the energy that has been wasted when exercising.

For that, it is very important to know what foods should be avoided after exercising, so that the hard work you just did is not in vain!

1. Spicy food

5 Foods to Avoid After

Spicy food is one type of food that is difficult to digest for the body, therefore it should not be consumed after exercising. Instead of choosing spicy foods, you can eat foods that are easy to digest, less protein, and less sugar to restore energy and sugar levels.

2. Foods rich in fat

5 Foods to Avoid After

Fat can slow down the digestive process in the intestines and inhibit the nutrients needed by the muscles. Therefore, after exercising you should avoid foods rich in fat such as junk food, chicken skin, and any fried food.

3. Simple carbohydrates

5 Foods to Avoid After

After exercising, avoid eating foods that have simple carbohydrate sources, such as white bread or pastries. Because these two foods contain high enough sugar that can inhibit weight loss and slow down metabolism. It’s a good idea to choose foods that have sources of complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, and corn.

4. Raw vegetables

5 Foods to Avoid After

Although raw vegetables are high in nutrients and vitamins, raw vegetables are not enough to restore the energy used after exercise. Foods that contain protein and carbohydrates are the most appropriate types of intake to be consumed after strenuous physical activity.

5. Fast food

5 Foods to Avoid After

Easy to find, practical, and delicious are the reasons why fast food is an idol. However, the high salt content in fast food cannot restore energy in your body. In addition, fast food is high in bad fats which makes your exercise useless.

SoHere are five foods that should not be consumed after exercise. Hope this helps, Bella!

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