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5 Facts about Weather People, Park Min Young and Song Kang Romance Drama

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On January 5, JTBC shared the first teaser for its new drama, Weather People. Two teasers have been released showing the main characters, Song Kang and Park Min Young, who are seen smiling at each other.

The plan is that this drama will replace the drama slot Snowdrop which will air on February 12. While waiting for the official broadcast, let’s take a look at the following series of facts about the Weather People drama:

1. Set in Korea BMKG Office

The drama Weather People is about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecasting service.

2. Park Min Young’s Acting Comeback in the Acting World

Long time no see, finally Park Min Young will again entertain the audience through his acting in the drama Weather People. The actress has been on a two-year hiatus from acting.

Finally, he acted in the drama series When the Weather Is Fine by playing the role of Mok Hae Won / Irene and acting opposite Seo Kang Joon.

3. Starring a Row of Popular Actors

As mentioned earlier, this drama stars Song Kang and Park Min Young. Besides them, Yoon Park and Yura will also be the main characters in this romantic drama.

In 2021, Yoon Park starred in the drama You Are My Spring by playing Chae Jun/Choi Jung Min. Meanwhile, Yura became a supporting actor in the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.

4. Characters of the Main Cast

Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung, a forecaster for Division 2 of the Korea Meteorological Administration. She is a woman who works hard at work and is able to manage herself.

Song Kang as Lee Si Woo who is in charge of the Special Reporting Division 2 of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Si Woo is a free-spirited man who is not bound by anything and has an IQ of 150.

Yoon Park plays Han Ki Joon, an informant for the Korean Meteorological Administration’s spokesperson. Lastly, Yura as Chae Yoo Jin, a weather reporter for a daily newspaper.

5. Directed by the Director of When the Camellia Blooms

This drama will be directed by the director of When the Camellia Blooms, Cha Young Hoon. In addition to the drama, Young Hoon also directed the dramas The Bridal Mask, Uncontrollably Found, and Are You Human Too.

Meanwhile, the script was written by Sun Young and Kang Eun Kyung.

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