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5 Facts about Lee Yoo Mi, Na Yeon in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Once a Food Courier | TheAsianparent

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Lee Yoo Mi’s face may be familiar to you Parents who have watched Korean dramas Squid Games. Yoo Mi is back in the spotlight after she acted in All of Us Are Dead.

In Squid Games, Lee Yoo Mi plays the character of Ji-Yeong, an innocent teenager who is alone. While in All of Us Are DeadYoo Mi plays the antagonist Na Yeon, an arrogant student who is ostracized by her friends.

Because of the contrasting roles in the two dramas, Lee Yoo Mi also received a different response from the audience. He was loved when he was Ji-Yeong and blasphemed for playing Na Yeon.

Are you curious about the figure of Lee Yoo Mi in real life? Here are some interesting facts about it.

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5 Interesting Facts about Lee Yoo Mi, Na Yeon’s Character in All of Us Are Dead

1. Yoo Mi is a Cancer Citizen

Lee Yoo Mi was born in Jeonju, South Korea on July 18, 1994. Thus, he is a Cancer sign.

2. Acting Debut in 2010

First time acting, Yoo Mi plays a role in a movie The Yellow Sea in 2010. Here, Yoo Mi appears as the daughter of Kim Tae-won, a naughty businessman.

Since Yoo Mi was a minor at the time, she couldn’t even watch the premiere of the film at the cinema.

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3. First Play in “Assorted Gems”

The road to fame did not come instantly for Yoo Mi. In 2009, he played his first drama entitled Assorted Gems which tells the story of four children of the Gung family.

4. Acting Award After 11 Years of Debut

One of the many things we can learn from Yoo Mi’s successful career is to be patient and persistent in achieving her dreams.

Yoo Mi is said to have perseverance in building her name in the Korean film industry. Until she bagged the title of Best New Actress at the 2021 Buil Film Awards. This achievement was achieved 11 years after her debut.

The title was obtained after playing in the film Young Adult Matters which became a stepping stone for him to become popular.

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5. Have Worked as a Food Courier

Lee Yoo Mi

Yoo Mi is said to have worked as a food delivery driver.

Although we often see celebrities exhibiting glamorous lifestyles, there is no denying that the job of an actor is not always as stable and easy as it seems.

In order to achieve fame, actors and actresses need to have constant projects, auditions many times, and rehearsals all the time.

In a 2021 interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Yoo Mi shared that before the project that changed her life by playing in Squid Gameshe works for Coupang Eats, a food delivery service in South Korea.

At that time, Yoo Mi was not enough just to rely on income from acting.

Those are some facts about Lee Yoo Mi who is currently popular in her latest drama, All of Us Are Dead. Hope it answers your curiosity Parents with this beautiful actress huh.



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