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5 Exciting and Exciting Moments of Drakor Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3

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Episode 3 Twenty-Five Twenty-One maintains the light and fun feel of life around Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin. There is a mystery that was finally revealed although later gave rise to other theories about their future.

Spoiler Alert!

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The following are unforgettable moments from Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 3 which airs Saturday (19/2/2022) night:

1. Full House volume 12!

Full House comics cannot be separated from this drama. All high school students in the era of 1998 were looking forward to the release of the latest volume of the comic by Won Soo Yeon. As a fan of Full House, Na Hee Do was determined to be the fastest reader so when volume 12 was reported to be out, he hurriedly ran to Back Yi Jin’s workplace.

At the same time, Ko Yu Rim also seems to be eyeing the same comic. He had searched the bookstore he subscribed to but had run out. His only hope was Back Yi Jin’s workplace. The moment of meeting the three main characters is really adorable, especially when Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin fight over the comic.

2. Unexpected reunion

In the previous episode, Back Yi Jin was visited by two gentlemen who had worked with Yi Jin’s father. Na Hee Do witnesses this and feels very uncomfortable and is determined to protect Back Yi Jin from a similar incident. So when a gentleman came to Yi Jin’s boarding house, Na Hee Do tried to ‘save him’.

Who would have thought that these gentlemen were Back Yi Jin’s father. From the letter he left in the post box, Yi Jin knew his father was coming and tried to look for him until he found him.

3. Tied feet

Na Hee Do who also saw the same letter felt that he had messed up the reunion. After learning about Back Yi Jin’s family story, there’s no way Na Hee Do would let Yi Jin not meet his father. He also tried to chase after Yi Jin’s father but couldn’t find him.

When Na Hee Do was panicking and confused, Back Yi Jin saw her on a street with a disheveled appearance. The sandal he was wearing broke and he was scolded by Back Yi Jin for not taking care of his body as an athlete. Not wanting Na Hee Do to get hurt, Back Yi Jin has a unique way (which makes the audience scream!) to take the girl home.

4. Na Hee Do’s determination

It’s been a few days since Na Hee Do entered Ko Yu Rim’s world and he also finds out the true nature of the idol athlete. It made him hit hard and determined to no longer idolize Ko Yu Rim. It’s hard for Na Hee Do to do this because so far Ko Yu Rim has been a role model who has motivated her in terms of fencing. But Na Hee Do was determined, if he could really like Yu Rim so much then he could hate Yu Rim that much too.

5. The mystery is finally revealed

From the start, the audience knew that Na Hee Do had an online chat friend named Injeolmi. For three episodes, we are made to wonder about this figure. Is that Back Yi Jin? Or is it someone else? In episode 3, the mystery is finally revealed and the fact about Injeolmi’s figure will change Na Hee Do’s life forever.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 4 airs tonight Sunday (20/2/2022) on Netflix.

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