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5 Ethics when Talked to by Others

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One of the etiquette that is still often underestimated by many people is how to show good etiquette when being talked to by other people. There are still many people who, during a chat session, are actually busy themselves or doing other things that make the other person uncomfortable talking to them.

Therefore, it is very important to apply some attitude this basis when being spoken to by other people.

1. Pay attention to the other person

illustration of staring at the other person ( Productions)

Paying attention can be done by looking into the other person’s eyes. By doing so, the person who invites you to talk will feel appreciated. Because paying attention to the other person means showing that your focus is completely on him.

If you really can’t keep staring at him, it’s okay if you want to take your eyes off him for a while, the important thing is that you look into his eyes or face every now and then.

2. Pay attention to facial expressions when listening to other people talk

5 etiquette when spoken to by others, adjust your expression!cheerful expression illustration ( Katt)

Facial expressions while paying attention to the other person are also ethical. As much as possible when listening to other people talk, show facial expressions that match the topic of the conversation at that time.

If what he’s talking about is something fun, then put on a cheerful face. Likewise with other discussions. Adjust your facial expression to the theme of the conversation being discussed.

If your expression is sluggish or flat when he’s telling a story, then it could make him misunderstood. Because you look like you are not interested in following the flow of the conversation.

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3. Focus on listening to the conversation

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5 etiquette when spoken to by others, adjust your expression!listening focus illustration (

It is very important to focus on listening to other people’s conversations. Don’t even be busy yourself, for example playing smart devices when other people are talking. In fact, when he sees you doing something like that, it might just lower his spirits.

Maybe he was really excited to tell you something. However, taste excited it faded and made him reluctant to do it. Try if you were in his position, it would be very annoying to be treated like that. Therefore, it is very important to apply this third point when talking to anyone.

4. Don’t interrupt the conversation

5 etiquette when spoken to by others, adjust your expression!talking illustration ( Fortunato)

Don’t interrupt other people’s conversations. You can only respond or give your opinion if he asks or the situation requires you to give him input.

If you really have to interrupt someone else’s conversation, then insert the word sorry first before saying what you mean by cutting the conversation. It’s better than playing right away suck just without asking permission.

5. Respond without seeming to strike back

5 etiquette when spoken to by others, adjust your expression!illustration of judging others ( Summer)

Maybe you have unconsciously given a judgmental response when someone asks for your opinion. It’s not that I don’t want to accept criticism, it’s just that if it is conveyed in a bad way, such as attacking the other person, of course it will not solve the problem.

Especially if it’s a match of fate. Everyone has different conditions and levels of mental resilience. Maybe what you think is normal, not necessarily other people will agree with it. Therefore, it is very important to give advice or input, without seeming to be patronizing or judgmental.

If there are mistakes above that you still often make, then that’s okay. Because you already know it, immediately learn to apply it in your daily life so that other people are also more comfortable talking to you.

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