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5 Easy Tips to Care for a Knitted Vest Correctly, Let It Last! | IDN Times

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5 Easy Tips to Care for a Knitted Vest Correctly, Let It Last!

As the name implies, knitting vests are one of the fashion items made of a special material, namely knitting yarn. In the manufacture of knitting vests, there are several types of knitting yarns that can be used to make vests, such as cotton knitting yarn, wool yarn and rayon knitting yarn.

Made of thick and warm material outer knitwear designed in the form of a vest is very suitable if worn in cold areas. So, so that the knitted vest you have remains durable, you can do several easy ways to properly care for the knitted vest. Come on, take a look!

1. Washing the knitted vest

If your knitted vest is stained, it’s possible to wash or clean it as soon as possible. The reason is, if left for too long, the stains attached to the knitted vest will increasingly seep into the fabric fibers and are difficult to remove.

Washing knitted vests by hand or washing by hand is the best choice for cleaning vests except for knitted vests that have a ‘dry clean only’. Then, as much as possible avoid using a brush to clean the stains that stick to your knitting vest so that the yarn fibers are of good quality.

2. Drying the knitted vest

After the knitted vest is washed, then you can dry it. But you need to remember, to dry your knitted vest, you just need to aerate the knitted vest in a shady place and avoid exposure to the sun.

The reason is, it is feared that the heat of the sun will make the knitting yarn or knitted material become wrinkled. If you want to dry quickly, you can dry the vest by attaching it to a fan.

Then, also avoid the habit of hanging knitted vests that are still wet. Because this method can damage the shape of knitwear and make the shoulder size go down. Also, hanging a knitted vest when it’s wet can also loosen the weave on the vest.

3. Storing the knitted vest

If your knitted vest is dry, immediately store your knitted vest in a clean place, away from dust and away from moisture. Because, the basic material for making this knitted vest is known to be strong enough to absorb moisture.

Store knitted vests completely dry to avoid unwanted damage. If the vest is half dry, the material will easily smell and get moldy.

4. Tidy up the knitted vest

If the fibers in the knitted vest already look disheveled or messy, you should immediately cut them so that they look neat and not wrinkled. You can use a razor to make the vest look neat again.

The trick is to shave the fabric fibers that are attached to the vest until they form lumps on the surface of the fabric. Then lift and remove the carried fibers. Pretty easy, right?

5. Fix the knitted vest

If you find the knitting thread on the vest that comes off, don’t jump right in
pulled or cut. Because this kind of method will only make knitting yarn that
loose is getting longer.

Instead, just tuck the knitting yarn following the previous groove
using a sewing needle. You can also apply this method to repair threads
lost on outer other knitting like sweater and cardigans.

So, those are the five easy tips to properly care for a knitted vest. Do the five ways above correctly so that the knitting vest you have can be durable and suitable for use.

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