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5 Easy Steps to Overcome Groin Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnant women often feel pain in the groin? Although it doesn’t always indicate something dangerous, this one complaint can make pregnant women uncomfortable, right? nowSo that pregnant women no longer feel these complaints, let’s find out 5 easy steps to deal with groin pain during pregnancy in this article.

Groin pain during pregnancy is one of the conditions that pregnant women often complain about. Generally, this condition is triggered by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. If left untreated, groin pain is often annoying and makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable.

Causes of groin pain Saat pregnant

Groin pain during pregnancy is generally triggered by hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the body produces the hormone relaxin which functions to make the muscle supporting tissue around the pelvis more relaxed and stretchable. Now, This stretching can then trigger pain in the groin during pregnancy.

In addition, groin pain during pregnancy can also be caused by an increase in the size and weight of the baby in the womb, causing the pelvic bones of pregnant women to widen.

Various Ways to Overcome Groin Pain Saat pregnant

In fact, groin pain usually goes away on its own after giving birth. However, to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by this condition, pregnant women can do the following:

1. Sports routinely

Although it may be a little painful, pregnant women are advised to keep doing sports, yes. Exercise options that pregnant women can choose to treat groin pain during pregnancy are swimming and yoga.

This is because the two sports can help strengthen the pelvic, abdominal, back, and groin muscles, so that the pain that pregnant women feel can also be reduced.

2. Use a special belt

Another way that pregnant women can do to deal with groin pain during pregnancy is to use a special belt to support the pregnant woman’s stomach. In this way, the load on the pregnant woman’s pelvis can be reduced, so it is hoped that the pain in the groin will also subside.

3. Take regular breaks

If you do a lot of activities that require you to stand for a long time, such as ironing or cooking, don’t forget to rest, even if you just sit for a moment.

This is useful for reducing the impact of gravitational pressure on the pelvis, so that discomfort in the groin can also be reduced. nowwhen sitting, you should also avoid crossing your legs.

4. Sleep facing the left side

The recommended sleeping position for pregnant women is facing the left side. This position is also the right choice for pregnant women when experiencing groin pain, because it can reduce pressure on the blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvis. In addition, if necessary, also place a pillow between your knees while sleeping in this position.

5. Avoid lifting heavy items

Basically, pregnant women are not recommended to lift heavy objects, especially for pregnant women who experience pain in the groin. The reason is, when lifting heavy objects, the burden and pressure on the pelvis will increase, so that it has the potential to cause the groin to hurt even more.

In addition to the methods above, pregnant women should also avoid standing or sitting positions that are too long, standing by lifting one leg, and pushing heavy objects. This is because these things can also make the groin pain that pregnant women feel worse.

Pain in the groin during pregnancy is common and natural. However, pregnant women should immediately consult a doctor if the pain gets worse, especially if it is accompanied by rupture of the membranes or profuse bleeding.

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