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5 Conflicts between Ha Ram and Hong Cheon Gi in Lovers of the Red Sky

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Although this week’s Viu Original Lovers Of The Red Sky new episode did not air, due to the Chuseok celebration in Korea, this drama is still a hot topic of discussion among drama lovers in Indonesia.

The hashtag #LoversOfTheRedSky is still on Twitter’s trending topic

Lovers Of The Red Sky airs every Monday and Tuesday on Viu. This drama makes viewers more curious because it presents the conflict of Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) is increasingly visible. One of the conflicts even Ha Ram and Cheon Gi had to face since they were children. As adults, they are faced with new, more stressful problems.

Apart from these two things, what are the conflicts between the two?

1. Sliding eyesight

The first conflict between them started when their sight was exchanged by Samsin (Moon Sook). The rain summoning ritual turned out to be painful for Ha Ram, but a blessing for Cheon Gi. The devil saw the presence of Ha Ram who was about to be sacrificed, so he immediately chased after him. Fortunately, Samsin came to help Ha Ram, so the poor boy could still be saved.

Samsin gives a vision of Ha Ram to Cheon Gi. The exchange was carried out by Samsin, when the two children fell into the river. However, Samsin had advised that this exchange would only be temporary. After awakening, Ha Ram and Cheon Gi woke up with two different conditions. Ha Ram loses sight, Cheon Gi gets sight.

2. Ilwolseong who invites suspicion

The rumors about who Ilwolseong really was spread to the ears of Prince Joohyang (Kwak Si Yang). Not many people know that Ilwolseong is actually Ha Ram. Ilwolseong is better known as a smart rich merchant and owner of Wolseongdang, an art gallery that exhibits imitation paintings.

Cheon Gi even thinks of Ilwolseong as a dangerous person that Ha Ram should be wary of. The painter girl also suspects that Ilwolseong is related to Jung Seon Nae (Yang Hyun Min) who had tricked him.

Seon Nae does work in Wolseongdang, but Ilwolseong has nothing to do with the crimes committed by Seon Nae. The more rumors circulating about Ilwolseong make Cheon Gi even more suspicious of who Ilwolseong really is.

3. The existence of demons in Ha Ram’s body

The devil entered Ha Ram’s body due to the rain summoning ritual performed by Mi Su (Chae Gook Hee). This was the reason why Ha Ram was blind and had red eyes. The demon is known to be after Cheon Gi who has Ha Ram’s vision. Surprisingly, when Cheon Gi touches Ha Ram, the demon in his body will react and make Ha Ram turn into a monster.

When the two touched, Ha Ram couldn’t control the demon that resided in her body. He suddenly had powers beyond normal human limits. Despite having great power when he became a monster, Ha Ram couldn’t remember the things that happened at that time, because he was under the influence of the devil. After he wakes up and becomes human again, Ha Ram’s body will weaken.

4. Ha Ram refuses to recognize Cheon Gi

Ha Ram and Cheon Gi didn’t recognize each other at first, when they met in adulthood. Gradually Cheon Gi begins to recognize Ha Ram as the boy he was close to in the past. The memory of the peach garden becomes the trigger that makes the two then recognize each other.

When Cheon Gi shared his memories with Ha Ram, Ha Ram refused. He doesn’t admit that they once knew each other, that he wasn’t the boy that Cheon Gi meant. Ha Ram asks Cheon Gi to forget about the child and move on with his current life. This decision is not without reason. Ha Ram doesn’t want her goals to be disturbed by the feelings she has for Cheon Gi. Although Cheon Gi is heartbroken when he hears the request, he tries to respect Ha Ram’s decision.

5. Ha Ram who wants revenge

After the rain summoning ritual, Ha Ram not only lost her sight, but also lost both of her parents at the same time. He could hear, when his father, Ha Sung Jin (Han Sang Jin), is talking to Kim Gok Rae (Park Ji Hoon) who claimed to be the king’s messenger. Gok Rae then kills Sung Jin who is considered to have prevented him from bringing Ha Ram.

Not only that, Gok Rae was also seen drawing his sword at Ha Ram’s mother. From then on, Ha Ram held a grudge against important people in the palace who were involved with her past. He also devised a plan to take revenge for this heartbreaking incident.

It is this revenge plot that makes Ha Ram put aside her feelings for Cheon Gi. He doesn’t want Cheon Gi to be involved in this complicated affair. (cinemas)

Lovers of the Red Sky

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