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5 Characters That Made Kim Tae Ri A Fencing Athlete in KDrama

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If you are a loyal fan Twenty Five Twenty One definitely no stranger to the figure of Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri. Na Hee Do is described as a high school student who is passionate about achieving her dream of becoming a fencer. Even though his school’s fencing team was disbanded, he didn’t give up at all and decided to move.

At the new school, Na Hee Do’s fencing skills are developing well. He also met new people who contributed to his success in this sport. Curious who they are? Come on, see the review here.

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1. Na Hee Do’s father

Baek Suk Kwang in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (doc. tvN/Twenty Five Twenty One)

Na Hee Do’s father was the one who introduced him to fencing. At that time he was a child when he entered the fencing club. But Na Hee Do’s passion to be the best in the competition deserves thumbs up.

The father is the main reason Na Hee Do persists in fencing. Father who always advises and encourages him not to be too ambitious to get praise when he wins. Budget for yourself and not for the praise of others.

2. Back Yi Jin

5 Characters That Made Kim Tae Ri An Athlete in Twenty Five Twenty OneNam Joo Hyuk in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (

Na Hee Do’s meeting with Back Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) is practically accidental. Fate seemed to lead the two to get involved with each other. Strengthen each other and become support system the good one.

Back Yi Jin played a big part in Na Hee Do’s success. Na Hee Do even makes Back Yi Jin an encouragement for his days by always listening to his voice recordings. Their interactions are very sweet and always complement each other.

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3. Shin Jae Kyung

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5 Characters That Made Kim Tae Ri An Athlete in Twenty Five Twenty OneSeo Jae Hee in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (

Shin Jae Kyung is Na Hee Do’s mother, played by Seo Jae Hee. She is a typical mother who has a hard and firm character. As a result, Jae Kyung and Hee Do often misunderstand because of their communication.

Even so, Jae Kyung still helps her daughter by transferring Na Hee Do to a school with the best fencing club. Her figure is the type of mother who understands but is not easy to convey to her child.

4. Yang Chan Mi

5 Characters That Made Kim Tae Ri An Athlete in Twenty Five Twenty OneKim Hye Eun in the drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One (

The only coach who managed to make Na Hee Do as successful as he is now is Yang Chan Mi (Kim Hye Eun). Yang Chan Mi sees great potential in Na Hee Do to become a professional fencer.

He also often gives motivation to raise Na Hee Do’s spirit when he is down. The most memorable sentence was, “If you don’t believe in yourself, then trust me who chose you. I didn’t give birth to a failed athlete.”

5. Ko Yu Rim

5 Characters That Made Kim Tae Ri An Athlete in Twenty Five Twenty OneBona in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (

At first, Na Hee Do really idolized Ko Yu Rim (Bona), a fencing athlete who won gold in international championships. The strongest reason for Na Hee Do to change schools is because that is the school where Ko Yu Rim is.

But who would have thought that after meeting face-to-face, the two of them became rivals. Ko Yu Rim who snickers to defend her position and Na Hee Do who tries to be her rival. Na Hee Do’s mission to make Ko Yu Rim his rival when fencing was successful.

A character that doesn’t give up easily like Na Hee Do is worth emulating. He doesn’t give up on circumstances because for him young people have two things to hold onto, namely dreams and admiration. For Na Hee Do, failure is a ladder to success. Stay positive!

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