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5 Characteristics of People Who Actually Don’t Have Confidence

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In carrying out their daily lives, a person turns out to need self-confidence. Especially when leaving home and meeting people on the way. Therefore, people still maintain their appearance, so that they can be accepted in society.

But, are they really confident when interacting with other people? Not necessarily either. Because self-confidence is a self-decision, it cannot be influenced by what other people say. So, here are five characteristics of people who actually don’t have self-confidence. Be careful, don’t misjudge.

1. Want to get into a class of friends who look classy

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Maybe when you see post themselves on social media, so at first glance they look like people who only have a lot of friends. His friends are all socialites. Meanwhile, his life is not as flashy as his surroundings.

This kind of person can also indicate that he actually does not have self-confidence. So in order to get recognition from others, they have to use a certain circle of friends to elevate image-his.

2. Can’t convey what he wants well

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Regardless of whether he conveys his wishes to his partner or co-workers, basically this type of person cannot convey what is in his heart. A million considerations become a very heavy obstacle when what is in his heart may conflict with others.

Well, the opposite with people who have high self-confidence. They can express their likes and dislikes about everything. Therefore, even if they have to be different from other people, they will not be afraid.

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3. Tend not to enter into close friendships

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5 Characteristics of People Who Actually Don't Have Confidence, How Are You?friendship illustration (

This usually happens when you enter the world of work. Usually when you are working, the world of friendship is much wider. There are various types of friendship that may be encountered. But, when invited to enter it, you seem to refuse because you don’t feel confident.

Though, the shadow will image what is built a friendship is sometimes different in reality. You’re the only one who thinks that they won’t be able to accept your presence. So you find it difficult to have a close circle of friends.

4. Often fickle in everything

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The next characteristic is often fickle or fickle in every decision making. When you hear the words of party A, you will agree. But when there is input from party B, it will also be directly affected. So this makes you seem wishy-washy.

Well of course if this continues, it is not good for your life. You can make life decisions based on what people say, not what your heart says. Therefore, it is better to know what you want in life and believe in it.

5. Always afraid of doing wrong

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Indeed, who you are is described through your lust, super ego, and ego. When you have lust but are hindered by norms or rules, then you can control your lust, then that is who you really are. However, humans are indeed the wrong source.

When you are very afraid of making mistakes and have to be perfect, it is actually a form of denial of self-doubt. You’re actually not PD, so don’t benoticeyou try to never make a mistake.

Well, if you still feel the five characteristics above, just admit that you don’t have complete self-confidence. The most important thing is that you must be able to fight for your own desires. Don’t want to be dictated by what other people say, okay?

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