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5 Characteristics of Coworkers Who Often Do Imaging

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Imagery is one way that people often show a good side or image in front of people. Usually this kind of attitude clearly has a negative connotation, because it is often added with lies in it.

Things like this clearly give you a sense of discomfort, especially if you have co-workers with habits like this. However, you can identify someone with an imaging attitude through the following important traits.

1. Attitude in front of many people is different from the real attitude

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Everyone has a different attitude. Sometimes this attitude will not always be perfect and in accordance with what the public wants.

Through imaging, the attitude shown actually seems good and full of positive values. However, this attitude often contradicts or contradicts the original attitude he had.

2. Trying hard to show his superior side

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Anyone who acts too outgoing can sometimes be uncomfortable. This must also be felt by employees if they have co-workers who like imaging.

This type of person will try hard to show his superior side in front of certain people. Obviously this will cause discomfort for other employees who see it.

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3. Thirst for praise and recognition

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Of course doing imaging also has its own purpose. The goals can vary, one of which is because of the thirst for praise and recognition.

Not everyone gets a good acknowledgment of himself, so they tend to look for these opportunities in order to show them in real terms. However, traits like this can also be a signal of a superior attitude that someone is trying to show.

4. Potential to justify any means for imaging

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There are many main reasons why coworkers don’t like someone doing the imaging. Not only because it feels annoying and arrogant, but also because sometimes the methods used are considered excessive to justify various methods.

Even though that’s not a wise thing to do, especially if you only want recognition. If you find the characteristics of such a coworker, then you need to be aware of it.

5. Doing work perfunctory

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All the imaging that is shown in fact does not always work in accordance with the reality. Usually almost the average person will do the opposite attitude if they like to do imaging.

It is not impossible if the original attitude tends to be normal. In fact, the work he does can also be just perfunctory.

Understanding colleagues with this kind of character is indeed endless. Don’t feel distracted because of what he’s doing.

Stay focused on delivering good work results so that you can continue to show your best. Let it go, yeah!

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