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5 Benefits of Body Tape, Bra Substitute You Can Rely on! |

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5 Benefits of Body Tape, Bra Substitute You Can Rely on!
5 Benefits of Body Tape, Bra Substitute You Can Rely on!

Can’t be denied, wearing bra is an important part for women in dressing. bra serves to cover and help support the breasts to look perfect, as well as comfortable in doing physical activities. But on the other hand, the use of bra sometimes it feels inconvenient and can also cause problems like wires bra that hurts, causes irritation, or annoys appearance if you want to dress slightly revealing.

Wellnow no need to worry anymore, girls! Lately, there are alternative substitute products bra that you can rely on, that is body tape. Like bra, body tape This can cover and support the breast well. body tape also suitable for those of you who want to wear clothes backless or open without fear bra come visible which ultimately reduces the beauty of the clothes themselves.

Still hesitant to use body tape? Come onsee 5 benefits of using body tape replacement bra what you should know below!

1. Increase Confidence

at first, body tape This is widely used by foreign celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

body tape be one of a kind fashion hacks for those of you who often use revealing clothes or backless. So instead of worrying about finding a way to hide the rope bra you, use bra tape obviously more practical. You can be more confident and free to explore using any clothes!

2. Easy to Use

How to use body tape also quite easy. You just need to paste body tape It’s like a piece of tape from the bottom of the breast to the back of the shoulder. Another tip: before pasting body tape to your body, avoid using oil and body lotion on the boobs huh! Usage oil and body lotion can make the surface of the skin becomes moist so it will reduce adhesion to the skin body tape. Make sure the skin around the breast is clean of sweat or other residue so that it sticks longer.

3. Can be shaped as desired

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By using body tape You can shape the breasts according to your wishes and the shape of the clothes. You can customize usage body tape with the clothes to wear. Oh yeah, no need to worry body tape will not be separated because most products body tape is now equipped with a strong adhesive, comfortable, and safe when used all day.

4. It doesn’t make you cramped when you use it

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Besides being easy to use and can be shaped at will, body tape also not congested when usedbabes! Even though this product uses adhesive, you can search body tape the adhesive is comfortable when used or when removed. You better not glue either body tape too tight or loose,yes! Because it clearly makes use body tape become less comfortable.

5. Various Types of Body Tape

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There are various types body tape which you can use as a substitute bras. body tape consist of Gaffer Tapes. athletic tapes, and Double-stick Appare Tape. All three have their own characteristics and functions. Suggestion COSMOtry to pay attention to the types body tape before buying and using it.

How, already interested in trying it? You can search and buy body tape it’s on a shopping site on line with a price range of Rp. 150,000-Rp. 300,000 with a size of 5cmx5m. One roll body tape can be used up to 4-6 pieces. Remember, body tape can only be used once. Good luck!

(Margaretha Gabriella Ayudityas/ Images: photo by Ron Lach on Pexels)

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