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5 ATEEZ’s Songs About Teenage Life

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The transition period from adolescence to adulthood is a process that everyone must have experienced. In this transition process, there are many joys and sorrows that make us need a lot of patience to find our true self.

Well, here are five songs belonging to ATEEZ whose lyrics are very relatable with teenage life. Come on, get up and cheer up again!

1. Don’t Stop

First there is the song “Don’t Stop” which was released on 5 February. In the lyrics, ATEEZ conveys the message that if we work together, we can overcome all the challenges that come our way.

Never feel alone in the difficult times we experience in our youth. Because everyone has experienced it. ATEEZ also said that his listeners never stop to continue to achieve a goal.

You can do it better
step faster
We go higher
Yes, you can do better
Break, break
We break the wall
Break, break
We don’t exist anymore

2. Turbulence

The song “Turbulence” is title track from album ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE which was released on December 3, 2021. Have a great beat mellow“Turbulance” will make anyone who listens immersed in the atmosphere of the song.

“Turbulence” tells about the journey of the para member ATEEZ who is looking for identity by going through various obstacles that are quite heavy. They also have to fly to the high sky to achieve a dream and hope to be themselves.

At the end of this road, where should we be?
What should we become, in what form?
I’m already overwhelmed
To be myself barely
Is anyone listening
Can someone just embrace me?
When should we be, in what form
What should we become, and I?

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Next there is the song “THANXX” which is one of the b-side track from mini album ZERO : FEVER Part.1. This EDM genre song easy listening so that no matter how many times you play it won’t make you bored.

This song tells about the process towards adulthood. “THANXX” also represents the personalities of the member ATEEZ because the lyrics depict the spirit of a teenager.

Your worries? No, thanks, I’m okay
I’m just doing me
Don’t say you’re doing this for me
Leave me alone, I’m in my own rhythm


“Wonderland”, the title track from the album TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action it was released on October 8, 2019. It has a noisy melody, but this song can lift the spirits of the listeners.

Who would have thought that in the lyrics of the song “Wonderland” the choreography was so powerful there is a story for member ATEEZ. They go on a journey of discovering a new world to become what they want to be.

All eyes on me now
If you still doubt mine
It’s too pointless
We’re still young and wild
We gonna find new world to be mine

The island where the map calls
Is everyone’s dream and fear
Dream starts in the end, wings spread
Forever child like Peter

5. Answer

Included in TREASURE EPILOGUE mini album : Action To Anwer, through the song “Answer” ATEEZ conveys a message to listeners to be excited if they want to get something they want. Listeners should also be able to get it without fear.

The burning sun
And the huge wave
Are nothing for us
Come in, as we don’t care
We’re not afraid anymore
No one can touch it
Like a burning flame

Not always talking about love, ATEEZ manages to entertain as well as convey a message to listeners who are going through difficult times. Because ATEEZ, who also debuted at a relatively young age, has experienced the search for identity from the transition period from adolescence to adulthood. Therefore, they also try to share their life stories and inspirations with listeners, at least through the five songs above.

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