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5 Actresses Who Play Iconic Characters in 2022 Drama

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Korean dramas always have iconic characters that are also unforgettable. Just like the drama that aired in the first half of 2022, there are several actresses whose characters are really iconic.

For example, the character Kim Se Jeong in A Business Proposal and Kim Tae Ri in Twenty Five Twenty One. In addition to the two, there are other actresses who get no less iconic roles and make the audience always wait for the continuation of the story. Anyone?

1. Kim Se Jeong (A Business Proposal)

5 Actresses Who Played Iconic Characters in First Half 2022 DramaKim Se Jeong in drama A Business Proposal (

If you are a loyal fan A Business Proposal definitely no stranger to the character of Shin Ha Ri, which is the figure played by Kim Se Jeong. Shin Ha Ri is a food researcher at a leading company. One day he replaces his friend on a blind date and it turns out that his blind date partner is his own boss, Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop).

Shin Ha Ri has been acting as absurd as possible so that Kang Tae Mu WL and don’t want to see him again. But it turns out Tae Mu keeps in touch with him even to the point of asking him to marry. The iconic scene during their first date also managed to shake the stomach of the audience.

2. Seol In Ah (Business Proposal)

5 Actresses Who Played Iconic Characters in First Half 2022 DramaSeol In A in the drama Ah Business Proposal (

Besides Shin Ha Ri, there is one iconic character that is no less ridiculous in A Business Proposal. She is Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) who is the daughter of a conglomerate family.

Young Seo always wreaks havoc on blind dates arranged by his father. He teams up with his best friend, Ha Ri, to destroy the date.

One day Young Seo gets Ha Ri involved in a date with her own boss and she is attracted to the boss’s secretary. Young Seo seems infatuated with the secretary, namely Cha Sung Hun (Kim Min Kyu). Both will be second couple favorite, because the aggressive Young Seo is paired with the calm Sung Hun.

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3. Kim Tae Ri (Twenty Five Twenty One)

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5 Actresses Who Played Iconic Characters in First Half 2022 DramaKim Tae Ri in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (

The next character is Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One. His figure is very expressive and passionate about pursuing his goals. That’s what made Na Hee Do change schools because his fencing club was disbanded due to the IMF crisis.

Vibes watching this drama especially every scene featuring Na Hee Do always reaches the heart. The positive aura he gives off makes other people feel it too. Na Hee Do is a young person who doesn’t want to give up on circumstances. For him to let things be like this because all he had right now were dreams and admiration.

4. Kim Hye Soo (Juvenile Justice)

5 Actresses Who Played Iconic Characters in First Half 2022 DramaKim Hye Soo in the drama Juvenile Justice (

Netflix again presents a drama that has won praise titled Juvenile Justice. This drama tells the story of a female judge with a cold personality named Sim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo). If the crime genre generally features adult criminals, then Juvenile Justice comes with a different story.

Eun Seok is a judge who specifically handles juvenile delinquency cases that are already in an acute stage. As teenagers, of course, they get legal protection but the crimes they commit cannot be justified. Eun Seok resolutely teaches the juvenile offender a proper lesson

5. Cho Yi Hyun (All of Us Are Dead)

5 Actresses Who Played Iconic Characters in First Half 2022 DramaCho Yi Hyun in the drama All of Us Are Dead (

All of Us Are Dead had become a viral drama in January. One of the most idolized characters in this drama is Choi Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun). Nam Ra is described as a class president who is ambitious for his achievements to be able to become the best student in school.

At first Nam Ra was so selfish and tended to be individualistic with his cold demeanor. But as time went on, especially when the zombie virus attacked, he became more and more aware of helping his friends who were in trouble. His heart began to open and he was always the foremost figure for the safety of his friends.

From silly characters to really kind and idols, you can find a lot of people from the five characters above. If you are confused about which one to watch, you can start with the character you like the most. Sowho is your most favorite character?

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