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45 Best and Most Beautiful Educational Tourist Attractions in Semarang

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Semarang is a city located in Central Java and is the capital city of Central Java. The location of the city of Semarang is very strategic because it is located on the north coast of the island of Java, which is precisely in the middle of the route of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan. Almost all fields in the city of Semarang have begun to develop rapidly.

Semarang city has many nicknames, one of which is “Lumpia City” besides that the city of Semarang is often nicknamed “Venetia van Java”. In addition to being famous for Semarang’s culinary delights, the city of Semarang is also known for its many tours, ranging from nature tourism, historical tourism and also educational tours. It’s good if we want to vacation in Semarang City with family, vacationing to educational tourist attractions is one of the best choices. The following are educational tourist attractions in Semarang. Check out the discussion:

1. MURI Museum

The MURI Museum or the Indonesian World Record Museum is a museum located at Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 275, Semarang. The first MURI Museum was founded in 1990 by order of Jaya Suprana. This educational tourist spot in Semarang is located in the Jamu Jago industrial area with a building area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 600 m2. The rooms in this museum are data and photo exhibition rooms, meeting halls and rooms for photographs and historical objects.

This museum is the first institution to store record data in Indonesia. The records in this museum are not only national records but also world records. The operating hours of this museum are open every Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 14.00 WIB. If there will be a visit by students or groups of foreign tourists, make a reservation in advance. There is no fee to enter this museum or it is free.

2. Langen Tirto Appears

Langen Tirto AppearsLangen Tirto Muncul is an educational tourist spot in Semarang Regency. Langen Tirto Muncul is located in Rowo Bone village, precisely in Banyu Biru District on the slopes of Mount Gajah Mungkur. Langen tirto appears as a natural tourist spot which also includes educational tourism.

The natural scenery around this educational tour is very beautiful and also the mountain weather is cool because the tour is located on the slopes of Mount Gajah Mungkur. Many rides that attract tourists to visit Langen Tirto Muncul include fishing ponds, mini zoos, restaurants and children’s playgrounds. To enter this educational tourist spot, the entrance fee is very cheap, which is Rp. 5,000. Don’t forget to capture your vacation moments by taking pictures, and there are also several photo spots in Semarang.

3. Central Java Islamic Development Museum

Central Java Islamic Development MuseumThe Central Java Islamic Development Museum is a museum located on Jalan Gajah, Semarang and is located in the Central Java Grand Mosque complex, precisely on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Asmaul Husna Tower. The collections of this museum are various Al-Quran artifacts, wayang golek, Sunan Muria Mosque, ornaments of the Mantingan Mosque, collections of early Islamic relics, miniature holy towers, and various collections of other Islamic developments.

This museum starts operating from 08.00 to 15.00 every Tuesday to Sunday, so don’t come on Monday because the museum is closed on Mondays. If you are on vacation, don’t forget to eat and visit some good restaurants in Semarang.

In addition to the six educational tourist attractions in Semarang, there are many more educational tourist attractions in Semarang. Here are other educational tourist attractions in Semarang:

  1. Jamu Jago Museum
  2. Raden Saleh Cultural Park (TBRS)
  3. Lawang Sewu
  4. Semarang Wildlife Park
  5. Old City 3D Trick Art Museum
  6. Semarang Gallery / Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery
  7. Meneer Herbal Medicine Museum
  8. Wonderia
  9. Central Java Grand Mosque Tower
  10. Mandala Bhakti Museum
  11. Semarang Zoo
  12. Ambarawa Train Museum
  13. Cimory on The Valley
  14. Lollipop Playland
  15. Jatibarang Reservoir & Kero Cave
  16. Sam Poo Kong Temple
  17. Old City
  18. Watugong Buddhagaya Pagoda
  19. Ambarawa Pendem Fort
  20. Banaran Coffee Village Agrotourism
  21. Water Blaster Hill Temple Golf
  22. Umbul Sido Mukti
  23. Gedong Songo Temple
  24. Kampoeng Taman Lele Tourism
  25. Marina Beach
  26. KB Park
  27. Pandanaran Park
  28. Madukoro Park
  29. Semarang Chinatown Complex
  30. Typical Culinary Semarang Simpang Lima
  31. Young Monument
  32. Manara Mosque (Layur)
  33. New Bandungan Indah Waterpark
  34. Boja Orchard
  35. Semarang Fair (PRPP)
  36. Medini Tea Garden
  37. Durian Garden and Watu Simbar Educational Tour
  38. Diponegoro University Educational Forest
  39. Tuntang Rabbit Park
  40. Ronggowarsito Museum
  41. Maerokoco Castle

So, those are 45 educational tourist attractions in Semarang, how are you interested not to visit educational tourist attractions in Semarang. Also read about vacation tips so it won’t be boring. Hopefully this article can provide a reference for educational tourist attractions that will be chosen while on vacation to Semarang. Happy Holidays!

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