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40 Cheap Tourist Places in Jakarta that You Must Visit

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Jakarta is an area that is crowded with people from various regions. Jakarta is a very dense capital city. In short, everything in Jakarta feels very expensive. However, for tourism, it turns out that this is not always true, because there are still many cheap tourist attractions in Jakarta that can be visited. Anything? Check out the explanation below.

1. National Monument

The National Monument or more often referred to as Monas is a towering monument building. The height of the Monas itself is about 32 meters. Monas has become a symbol of Indonesian independence and has long been an icon of Jakarta and even Indonesia.

The initial purpose of the establishment of Monas was to commemorate the services of the heroes for the independence of Indonesia. Monas was founded as the brainchild of Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Sukarno. Monas has a crown in the form of a tongue covered with gold.

Monas is open every day, from 8 am to 3 pm. Monas entrance ticket price is very cheap, namely Rp. 5,000 for adults and Rp. 3,000 for students and children. JiIf you want to climb to the top, tourists will be charged an additional fee of Rp. 10,000 for adults and only Rp. 5000 for students and children.

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2. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

Taman Mini Indonesia IndahThe next cheap tourist attraction in Jakarta is TMII. This tourist attraction is suitable as a vehicle for recreation and educational facilities. TMII tourist attractions are also suitable for people from all walks of life to visit, from children, teenagers, to adults, including family tours.

Here, tourists can see and learn about traditional houses from all over the archipelago, from Sabang to Merauke. Therefore, many people call TMMI the miniature of Indonesia.

In addition, in TMII there are also several parks, museums, theaters, places of worship, and also other recreational facilities. To get there, tourists can come from day to day Monday to Sunday, with different ticket prices for each ride in it.

3. Fantasy World

Fantasy worldDunia Fantasi or commonly known as Dufan is one of the tourist attractions in the Ancol Dreamland area. There are many and varied rides at Dufan. The naming of each ride is unique and adapted to the theme of a particular place.

For example, the European region, which carries the themes of Europe. This makes tourists will feel the sensation of the European continent itself.

Currently, Dufan is one of the most popular tourist attractions for children and young people in Jakarta. Children and teenagers can explore Dufan’s exciting rides to be able to play to their heart’s content there.

Dufan entrance ticket prices vary, depending on the time of visit. Dufan regular ticket prices range from Rp. 190,000 for weekdays, up to Rp. 270,000 for holidays and weekends. Cheap enough to be able to enjoy all the available rides, right?

4. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan ZooThe next cheap tourist attraction in Jakarta is the Ragunan Zoo. This tourist spot has the theme of flora and fauna and is located on Jalan Harsono No. 1 Ragunan, South Jakarta.

In the zoo there are at least 270 types of animal species and about 171 types of plant species. This zoo is rumored to be the first zoo in Indonesia. It covers an area of ​​140 hectares and was built in 1864.

This tourist spot is an alternative vacation spot for families. Exist about 50,000 trees there. This is what makes this place very cool.

Even though it is old, this zoo is still cheap to visit, at a rate of Rp. 4,000/person for adults and Rp. 3,000 for children. This admission price does not include the price of rides inside the zoo.

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5. Ocean Ecopark

Ocean EcoparkOcean park is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta that can be visited with fun. This tourist attraction offers a “back to nature” sensation to its tourists.

This tourist spot is still located in the Ancol area. Or rather, it is located at Jalan Lodan Timur no. 7, Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta.

Ocean Ecopark is quite often the location for gigs by famous artists. This is also what causes this place to be visited by many tourists.

Ocean Ecopark also presents interesting rides according to thematics. There are at least four themes in the Ecopark, including Eco Care, Aco Energy, Eco Art, and Eco Nature.

The price of the entrance ticket is also very cheap, which is only Rp. 25,000 per person. However, this price does not include the price of several other exciting rides in the Ecopark.

6. Thousand Islands

Thousand IslandsThe Thousand Islands is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta which is quite cheap and has the nuances of marine tourism. As the name implies, the Thousand Islands is a marine area consisting of several beautiful and charming islands.

The islands in the Thousand Islands include Tidung Island, Harapan Island, Pari Island, Bidadari Island, and many other exotic islands.

Things that can be done in the Thousand Islands are beach tourism activities, such as enjoying the beauty of the sea, playing with white sand, and even enjoying various water sports in several island spots.

To get to the Thousand Islands, tourists need to go to Muara Angke to cross. There are many routes and boat options offered to tourists. However, the rates are set at around Rp. 42,000 to Rp. 72,000.

7. Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta Old TownOne of the areas in Jakarta that can make tourists enjoy the atmosphere of old Batavia is the Old City. In this area, tourists will be treated to a typical atmosphere of the past from the Dutch colonial period, with several buildings with classical Indische architecture.

To get around Jakarta’s Old City area, tourists can come by public transportation. There are also ontel bicycles that can be rented by tourists to get around. While walking around enjoying the old city tour, tourists can also stop by the museums in the vicinity.

The price is also very cheap, which is only Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000 per person. Very cheap isn’t it? Moreover, tourists can get historical knowledge and also culinary tours.

8. Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church

Istiqlal MosqueThere is also recreation in Jakarta in the form of religious tourism. Religious tourism in Jakarta can be used to contemplate and get closer to the Creator as well as a form of gratitude to God.

For Muslim tourism, tourists can come to the Istiqlal Mosque. This mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, for Christian tourists, they can come to the Cathedral Church whose position is opposite the Istiqlal Mosque.

These two places of worship are located in Central Jakarta and are the center of religious tourism in Jakarta and its surroundings. Because it is a place of worship, of course you don’t have to pay a penny to enter there.

9. Planetarium

PlanetariumCheap holidays to Jakarta can also be done by visiting the Planetarium. The location is on Jalan Cikini Raya no. 73, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This planetarium is located in the Taman Ismail Marzuki area.

The planetarium is designed to be a building that resembles a hemispherical dome. There, tourists can see and enjoy the planets and astrology that exist throughout the universe.

This place is suitable for family tours, especially for children as a fun educational medium through a recreation system that is not boring. Children will definitely love to be taken there because their curiosity about the universe will be fulfilled.

Planetarium entrance tickets are very cheap, which is only Rp. 7,000 for adults and Rp. 3,500 for children. Planetarium opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday.

10. Marina Beach

Marina BeachAt Marina Beach, tourists can enjoy breezy breezes and sunset views without having to cross to the Thousand Islands.

In addition, in Marina Beach, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the bay of Jakarta from along the existing pier.

This exotic and romantic atmosphere is often sought after by most tourists who come to Marina Beach. So there are many tourists who come in the afternoon while waiting for the sun to set.

To enter this Marina Beach, tourists only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 25,000 rupiah only. How? Very cheap isn’t it?

11. Fatahillah Museum

Fatahillah MuseumAs the center of the country, Jakarta, of course, keeps various historical relics from the past. Some of them are still neatly stored and used as museums which are then used as historical tourist attractions. One of them is the Fatahillah Museum.

The location of this museum is on Jalan Taman Fatahillah, West Jakarta. The Fatahillah Museum was originally the headquarters of the VOC during the Dutch colonial period. But now this colonial building is visited by many people from all over Indonesia.

This museum is classified as a cheap tourist spot in Jakarta. Tourists who want to enter only need to pay an entrance ticket for Rp. 5000 for adults. As for students and children, the entrance ticket is only Rp. 3,000 only. How, interested to visit there?

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Other cheap Jakarta tourist attractions include the following:

  1. Tanah Abang Market
  2. Setu Babakan
  3. Gesung National Archives
  4. Lengkong Monument
  5. Satria Mandala Museum
  6. Maritime Museum
  7. Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics
  8. Stamp Museum
  9. Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin . Building Museum
  10. Youth Oath Museum
  11. Inscription Museum
  12. Menteng Park
  13. Hayam Wuruk Lindeteves
  14. The Light of Hope Museum
  15. Textile Museum
  16. Inscription Park
  17. Joang Building ’45
  18. Bank Mandiri Museum
  19. Bank Indonesia Museum
  20. Diamond City Bridge
  21. National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia or Elephant Museum
  22. Fatahillah Museum is also known as the Jakarta History Museum
  23. Puppet Museum
  24. Adam Malik Museum Museum

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Those are some cheap Jakarta tourist attractions that can be visited during holidays or on weekends. I hope this article is useful. Happy Holidays.

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