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4 Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vivo V23 5G

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Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14 is usually celebrated in a special way with loved ones for a date or a romantic dinner. However, with the current social restrictions being implemented, of course, many plans must eventually change immediately in order to maintain health and safety together.

Still confused about how to make your special date this Valentine’s Day memorable? Let’s look at inspiring ideas that you can do with the Vivo V23 5G, which can help you enjoy a special day with your loved ones.

Come on! stylish twin with partner

To show the togetherness of you and your partner, sometimes it can be shown by using items or doing the same thing with your partner. Examples include wearing the same clothes when traveling or using the same smartphone case.

With the vivo V23 5G which has a UV Color Changing Design, this can make the moment of togetherness with a partner even more exciting. With a premium and elegant appearance, this Vivo V23 5G has two color choices, namely Sunshine Gold and Stardust Black.

Especially for Sunshine Gold which is embedded with UV color-changing innovation, this smartphone will give a color change when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Every moment with your partner will feel more special by using a smartphone with the same style and inspired by various natural beauties.

Still feel close even though far

There is nothing more romantic than capturing your special moments with your partner on Valentine’s Day this time. For couples who can’t meet in person, aka LDR, they can also feel this moment with the Vivo V23 5G.

With the Double Exposure feature, two different photos can be combined into one seamlessly. Now you and your partner can freely express unlimited, graceful and elegant creativity to satisfy the artistic side and capture special moments of togetherness even though they are in two different places.

Make moments at home even more exciting

Although currently spending more time at home, that doesn’t mean there will be a lack of entertainment. Make playing mobile games with your partner an agenda on a special day. Vivo V23 5G is now supported by 128 GB of internal memory and 8 GB + 4 GB of Extended RAM.

Not only that, the vivo V23 5G also supports connections and runs game applications quickly, smoothly and without lag, guaranteed level up moments when your gaming will feel even more exciting. In addition, make Valentine’s Day at this house an opportunity to bond with gaming together.

For those of you who want to take part in game competitions, recently, vivo also announced its collaboration with PUBG, namely by holding the vivo V23 PUBG MOBILE Battle. Registration is still open until February 20, 2022. Participants who wish to register their team in the competition can fill out the registration form here.

Complementary to the perfect date

Every perfect date needs to be captured as well as possible so that it can be remembered well. Now you and your partner can create special content with Dual-View Video, which allows you to record videos with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

You and your partner can also use other video features to make the content more interesting and unforgettable this Valentine’s Day, even if only at home. So, no need to be upset if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this time.

“vivo wants to always be part of every celebration of special moments in life through various breakthroughs and the latest innovations that today’s smartphone users need, including Vivo V23 5G users,” Jessica Dwita, PR Manager of vivo Indonesia.

Added by Jessica that one of the most special days like Valentine’s Day, of course, will be more memorable if it can be celebrated with loved ones. Through various mainstay features of the vivo V23 series, both the vivo V23e and vivo V23 5G, vivo hopes that users can celebrate special moments more pleasantly.

Info Valentine’s Day special offer

In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Vivo also offers various interesting promos for the Vivo V23 5G. For users who are interested in buying online, they can find Valentine’s Deal exclusively at Shopee, one of the leading e-commerce sites in Indonesia.

Every purchase of vivo V23e or vivo V23 5G, consumers will get a discount of Rp. 200,000 for vivo IoT products (Bundling Packages) during the period 10-14 February 2022. Terms and conditions apply. In order not to miss information related to other offers, keep an eye on vivo Indonesia’s official social media.

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