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4 The Impressive Appearance of the Horyeong Tiger Spirit

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Lovers of the Red Sky increasingly made the audience curious. The final episode, which aired last night on Viu, has made everyone wait for the fate of Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) who had been brought together by fate since the two of them were little.

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This romantic Korean drama and historical fantasy set in the Joseon era tells the story of Cheon Gi, the only female painter of the Joseon Dynasty, who was born blind, but later gained sight. Meanwhile, Ha Ram is a great astrologer who is able to read the constellations, although he lost his sight mysteriously as a child.

Lovers of the Red Sky also pretty much displays supernatural beings in various forms. Some are good, some are bad. One whose appearance left a deep impression was the tiger spirit Horyeong (Jo Ye Rin), His name is also a supernatural being, he is free to decide when to appear and when to hide.

What’s interesting about Horyeong is that his appearance is not scary, but he has super powerful magical powers. These are the 4 appearances of Horyeong that play an important role in the storyline

1. Fight with the devil

When in the middle of the forest the devil in Ha Ram’s body (Ahn Hyo Seop) woke up, Grandma Samsin (Moon Sook) intervened to protect Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung), because he knew the demon was aiming for the painter girl’s eyes. Meanwhile, Horyeong is angry that the devil is throwing a tantrum on Mount Inwang, the place he is protecting.

This is Horyeong’s first appearance as a dashing white tiger with a beautiful face, as well as a beautiful little girl with silvery white hair. Despite his alluring face and appearance, he has immense power to fight demons. Samsin forbids Horyeong from killing the demon, because the demon occupies Ha Ram’s body. If Horyeong kills him, Ha Ram will also die.

Because of the ban, Horyeong fights with the devil just to chase him away. The clear blue eyed tiger ferociously pounced on the demon, inviting him to a duel until the demon was exhausted. Meanwhile, the frozen Cheon Gi knows nothing about the fight between the two supernatural beings.

2. The second exorcism

When he came out of the room where King Yeongjong’s portrait was kept, suddenly the demon in Ha Ram’s body woke up again. This time the victims were the guards and Prince Yangmyeong (Gong Myung) was ejected and passed out. When the devil was strangling Cheon Gi’s neck, the atmosphere suddenly changed. The wind blew, the silence almost froze the fire that was burning. The demon can already feel Horyeong’s presence. A tiger figure appeared on the roof of the building.

As it jumped to the ground, the tiger transformed into a little girl. With his power he fused white energy from several directions, directing it towards Ha Ram’s body, to fight the demons. Horyeong said that in the king’s palace, the devil has no power. So, he ordered the demon to return to the place where he was locked up.

The white energy managed to defeat the demon, and Horyeong disappeared.

3. Cheon Gi and Horyeong .’s first meeting

When Cheon Gi was researching the painting, he felt something flash behind him. Horyeong apparently was busy running around in the form of a little girl. However, Cheon Gi has not seen the spirit figure. Cheon Gi was curious, then looked for who was in the room, and called out. Until then he saw a girl with long silver hair.

Their eyes met. Horyeong apparently doesn’t know that Cheon Gi can see him. He goes around Cheon Gi, plays with his hair, pinches his ear, then says, “I always knew you had magic eyes.” Cheon Gi, who is curious, asks fiercely, who the girl really is, why did she enter the room, then tells her to leave. Before answering Cheon Gi’s curiosity, Horyeong casually told Cheon Gi to make tea. Cheon Gi is annoyed at being told that, because he feels the boy in front of him is younger than him.

Horyeong is also annoyed, because he feels he has saved Cheon Gi’s life. Because Horyeong suddenly roars and shows his tiger form, Cheon Gi is forced to provide tea.

When the tea was over, Horyeong was kicked out again. Before disappearing, Horyeong said that it was time for Cheo Gi to separate from the devil because last night the demon almost killed him. Cheon Gi doesn’t believe what he’s saying, then kicks him out again. Because someone else was about to enter the room, Horyeong disappeared, but his voice was still heard. He said, “Your eyes will be returned to their owners.”

4. Cheon Gi’s first introduction

While taking a walk during his break, near Cheon Gi suddenly large tiger footprints appeared. The footprint only appeared for a moment then disappeared. Then, he saw the figure of a silver-haired boy enter his office. He hastily pursued, because he remembered his message yesterday about the time to separate from the devil.

Cheon Gi calls him ‘boy’, coaxing him to come by providing various kinds of tea. Suddenly Horyeong appeared in a state already sitting and enjoying hot tea. Annoyed at being called a boy, he introduces himself as Horyeong, a tiger spirit who protects the palace and Mount Inwang.

Answering Cheon Gi’s question about yesterday’s suggestion, Horyeong insists that the devil will continue to chase if he has the chance, and Cheon Gi can be killed. He mentions that the demon keeps appearing in front of him because the demon knows that it is Cheon Gi who will seal him in the painting. Therefore, Cheon Gi had to dodge the demon as best he could and finish the portrait of the king immediately. Horyeong then disappeared, hiding in a painting.

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