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4 Secret Features of the Galaxy Tab A8, So It’s Easy to Move Content from Phone to Tablet

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Samsung has a Galaxy ecosystem that makes it easy for other devices to connect. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian

JAKARTA – Samsung has the best ecosystem (called Galaxy ecosystem) compared to other Android phones. This can be seen from the Galaxy Tab A8, which can connect quickly with other Samsung devices.

This convenience is called the Galaxy Experience. Well, here are tips and how to use Galaxy Experience:

1. Auto Switch

Its function makes it easy to switch audio between adjacent devices.

Open Settings on Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.
Open Bluetooth. Select the earbuds under Paired devices.
Select Settings on the earbuds that are connected to the Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Tab A8.
Enable Auto switch to other devices on both devices.

This feature can be used on Galaxy Buds+, Buds Pro, and Buds Live. If users want to switch from a phone to a Tab A7 Lite tablet while watching a movie, they don’t need to change the Bluetooth connection manually.

If you want to receive a call while watching YouTube on your tablet, your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, Galaxy Buds+, Buds Pro, or Buds Live will switch automatically to your smartphone.

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Users can answer calls by tapping the Buds once or pressing the “Call” button on the smartphone screen. When you hang up the call, the connection will switch automatically to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

2. Copy & Paste

4 Secret Features of the Galaxy Tab A8, So It's Easy to Move Content from Phone to Tablet

Convenient for copying images and text from Galaxy smartphone to Galaxy Tab A8 and vice versa. For example, when you find interesting text or images on your phone and want to save them on your tablet.

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