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4 Natural Ways to Increase Oxygen Levels, Breathing Exercises to Take Care of Plants

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Generally the oxygen saturation level in healthy people is between 95-100 percent. Then, what if oxygen level in the body under 95 percent? How do you improve it?

As has been understood, oxygen has a very important role for the body. Its presence supports the immune system and is able to help replace worn out cells. For this reason, it is important to ensure that oxygen levels in the body are not too low.

As for how to measure oxygen saturation, you can use an oximeter, which is a small instrument that clamps your finger or other part of your body to determine the ratio of red blood cells that carry oxygen.

Here are some natural ways to increase oxygen levels in your blood.

1. Open the room window

This simple method can increase overall blood oxygen levels. If necessary, you can also take a moment to get out of the house to breathe fresh air.

2. Quit smoking

Not a few people who find their circulation and oxygen levels improve significantly after quitting smoking for two weeks. Lung function can even increase up to 30 percent in a short time.

3. Caring for plants

Apart from beautifying the room, plant it can also remove carbon dioxide and fill the room with oxygen.

4. Practice breathing

Practice Respiratory here no need to use any tools. You simply take a deep breath from your lips to your stomach.

So, don’t forget the four tips above to increase oxygen levels in your blood.

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