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4 K-Pop Girl Groups Called to Have the Best Fashion at the moment, There’s IVE and Kep1er! |

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IVE portrait.  (Soompi)
IVE portrait. (Soompi) – Fashion is a form of self-expression in a certain period, place, and context. Fashion is also a source of art, allowing people to showcase their unique tastes and styles. Several K-pop girl groups have attracted attention with their fashion in MVs and appearances, so it’s no wonder that this line of girl groups is said to have the best fashion at the moment.

Apart from the appearance of the members on stage, fashion is another important factor that contributes to the attractive appearance of K-pop girl groups. Ever heard that first impressions are quite important?

Well, because first impressions are important, it’s no wonder that rookie girl groups or those who are still relatively new to the industry try to create the best first impression for everyone, including in terms of fashion.

The way they wear their jewelry, accessories and clothes is important enough to make a memorable first impression.

Following this, Kbizoom launched 4 K-pop girl groups that are said to have the best fashion at the moment.

1. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Portrait (Koreaboo)

First, there is Cosmic Girls, which is called the K-pop girl group with the best fashion at the moment. The sub-unit Cosmic Girls, WJSN, have attracted attention with their concept and outfits, which made their performances more fun to watch. WJSN’s stylists are constantly being praised for their outstanding work.

2. IVE

IVE portrait.  (Soompi)
IVE portrait. (Soompi)

IVE managed to become one of the hottest 4th generation rookies and a K-pop girl group that is said to have the best fashion at the moment. All of the IVE members have good figures and body proportions, so they can match different types of clothes. Many of IVE’s stage outfits received praise.

3. Kep1er

Portrait of KEP1ER (Soompi)

All members of Kep1er have attractive visuals, especially Xiao Ting is constantly in the spotlight with his stunning looks, charming aura, extraordinary height, and beautiful body proportions.

Their stylist has done a great job of visually highlighting the members with beautiful outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. No wonder, if KEP1ER is included in the K-pop girl group which is said to have the best fashion at the moment.



In addition to the three groups above, VIVIZ also managed to enter the row of K-pop girl groups that have the best fashion at the moment. VIVIZ consists of 3 former GFRIEND members namely Eunha, SinB and Umji. Throughout the BOP BOP! promotions, the three VIVIZ members have been showing off their visuals that give off a sexy and beautiful vibe.

Those are 4 K-pop girl groups that are said to have the best fashion at the moment. So, which girl group fashion is your favourite?

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