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4 Fashion Trends in 2022, All Light and Fresh, Eye Catching Guaranteed!

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GALAMEDIA – Beginning in 2022, fashion trends will change with a variety of trend choices that are increasingly unique and interesting.

In this 2022 fashion trend, it will show more colors that are bright and fresh, and can still be combined with other solid colors.

The 2022 fashion trend will be dominated by 90s-style styles that have been interpreted in a modern way and will make your style look eye-catching.

Well, are you curious about this 2022 fashion trend? The following is a summary of information from several sources below.

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1. Playful and bold colors

Since the beginning of this year is entering summer, the color of the outfit will be dominated by bright colors.

Examples such as red, yellow, green, pink fuschia, and other interesting colors.

If you want to wear a light colored outfit, it is recommended to combine it with a dark color, so that it remains harmonious and comfortable to look at.

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