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38 Free Tourist Attractions in London That You Can Visit

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England is a country that is very famous for its culture and historical values ​​from the royal era. There are many kingdoms and castles, parks, and also iconic instagramable places. Although these places are very attractive, nice and well-maintained, you don’t have to worry about costs because here we will discuss free tourist attractions that you can visit in London, England:

1. Buckingham Palace

At Buckingham Palace you can see the changing of the guard at the palace at certain time intervals. At every change of guard, you will see a kind of marching ceremony like in the Mr. series film. Beans. The changing of the palace guard ceremony took place at 10.45 am local time and lasted approximately 45 minutes. The guards in the morning were soldiers from St. James’s Palace which was later replaced by soldiers from Wellington Barracks. (Also read: The most beautiful tourist attractions in the world)

During this change of guard duty you will see a kind of parade marching to the accompaniment of music. For those of you who are interested in this event, you can visit Buckingham Palace around that time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Of course, this procession is carried out if the weather is also supportive. The location of this place is very easy to reach, namely at Buckingham Palace, a free tourist attraction in London, SW1A 1AA. You don’t have to worry about fees or entrance tickets because to join in the excitement of this event you are free of charge or free.

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2. Platform 9 at King’s Cross

Platform 9 at King's Cross.For those of you who follow the Harry Potter action series, you must be familiar with Platform 9 . In the Harry Potter films, it is said that Platform 9 at King’s Cross Station in central London is the way to the Hogwarts wizarding school castle. Here you will find spots designed as replicas of places in the Harry Potter films.

Inside you will find various kinds of Harry Potter merchandise such as Hogwarts accessories, Gryggindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff which are the four legendary combs throughout the ages in the story. After shopping for accessories for magic tools, you can style in front of the wall of the dimensional door that Ron Weasly and Harry Potter usually pass when they are going to Hogwarts. Because it is a complex for shopping accessories, you don’t need to incur additional costs other than buying these accessories, of course. This tourist spot is very easy to reach, namely at King Cross Station, as a free tourist spot in London, N1C 4TB. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Abu-Dhabi)

3. Bushy Park

Bushy ParkFor those of you who love nature, the world of flora and fauna, there is Bushy Park that you can visit for free. Bushy Park is the second largest park in the British Empire with an area of ​​445 hectares. According to history, this park is about 4,000 years old where the world existed in the bronze age. During World War I this park area was used as a hospital to treat injured people. (Also read: Travel tips to Hong Kong)

During World War II this park was used as a headquarters for the British military force. Now the park is a complete complex for various activities, such as being used as a home ground for the hockey team, horseback riding, boating, conservation of wild animals, and various kinds of flora. In this complex there is also an inn if you want to stay for a while while enjoying the fresh nature in the park. Transportation to get to this tourist spot is quite easy to access. The nearest stations you can go to are Hampton Court, Hampton Wick, Teddington, Fulwell and Hampton. For those of you who like cycling, you can also relax while cycling in this park area all day and night because this park is open 24/7 and of course it’s free. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Europe)

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And there are many other free tourist attractions in free tourist attractions in London that you can visit. Some of them are:

  1. Natural History Museum.
  2. Sir John Soane’s Museum.
  3. Museum of London.
  4. Bank of England Museum.
  5. Victoria and Albert Museum.
  6. Museum of London Docklands.
  7. William Morris Gallery.
  8. National Maritime Museum.
  9. Grant Museum of Zoology.
  10. Horniman Museum.
  11. British Museum.
  12. Imperial War Museum.
  13. Crystal Palace Park.
  14. Ragged School Museum.
  15. Anesthesia Museum
  16. London Sewing Machine Museum. (Also read: Holiday Tips to Hong Kong)
  17. Hunterian Museum.
  18. Wellcome Collection
  19. Wimbledon Common
  20. Richmond Park.
  21. Park Vista.
  22. Bushy Park
  23. Hyde Park
  24. Kensington Gardens.
  25. St James’s Park
  26. Royal Festival Hall.
  27. Vauxhall City Farm.
  28. Mudchute Farm and Park.
  29. Platform 9 at King’s Cross.
  30. Southbank Centre.
  31. Millennium Bridge
  32. Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.
  33. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s fountains.
  34. Science Museum.
  35. V&A Museum of Childhood.
  36. Buckingham Palace.
  37. Abbey Road. (Also read: Tourist Places in China)

Those are some unique tourist attractions that you must visit when you are in London. And those places are very interesting and very free for you to visit every day.

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