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35 Most Romantic Places to Date in Bogor

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Bogor is not only famous for its rainy city, but is also famous for various tourist attractions and also other unique places to travel and unwind for a while. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bogor is always crowded with visitors on weekends or when the holidays come. In addition, there are also many tourist locations that can be used as a place to date in Bogor which can provide a comfortable atmosphere. Here are some recommended places.

1. Cimory Riverside

One of the places that can be used as a negdate location in Bogor is Cimory Riverside. The location of this restaurant is around Puncak, Bogor. The nuances presented are of course very beautiful and natural. Complete with backsound of water flow from the river.

The best time to come there is the afternoon before dusk. Why? Because there visitors who come can enjoy the view of the sunset which is very amazing and spoils the eyes.

The food menu that can be enjoyed there is also very large and delicious. In addition, there is also a souvenir shop to hunt for souvenirs or souvenirs for tourists from outside Bogor as a keepsake.

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2. Two Stories

Two StoriesThis place to eat or cafe has a quite unique concept. Therefore, more and more young people are taking the time to eat there. The location is on Jalan Pajajaran Indah Bogor.

The cafe decoration will make visitors feel at home for a long time there. In addition, there is also the slogan “Tell Your Story” which can be used as a photo location with friends or partners.

While the food menu offered there are various kinds, ranging from typical Indonesian menus to western menus. If you are interested in inviting your partner to stop by there, you can come from 10 am to 10 pm.

3. Nicole’s Kitchen and Lounge

Nicole's Kitchen and LoungeOne of the next date places in Bogor that you can visit is Nicole’s Kitchen and Lounge. As the name suggests, this place is a place to eat. The location is at Puncak Cipanas.

The concept of this place to eat is comfortable and also cool for taking pictures. In addition, because it is located in the Puncak Cipanas area, of course the temperature and atmosphere there is very cool and fresh.

The best time to come there is at night, because there will be several live music performances with lighting that will look very beautiful. For the price itself, it is quite expensive because the concept and facilities offered are also classy.

4. Little Venice Peak

Little Venice PeakThis one place is not a place to eat, but a tourist place with a concept that is no less unique. Here, you and your partner will be reminded of the existence of the city of Venice. As the name suggests, this location is a miniature of the city of Venice.

Activities that can be done here are boat rides while walking around. Of course, you and your partner can also take pictures in a place that has a similar atmosphere to Venice.

In addition to boat rides, there are also other rides such as a gondola that you can ride to enjoy the view. Of course to get in there you need to come at 9 am to 5 pm.

5. Momomilk Barn

Momomilk BarnThis one date place will bring visitors to an American farm-style atmosphere. As the name suggests, this place certainly serves a variety of special menus of fresh milk with various flavors that can be enjoyed easily.

In addition to milk, of course there are several menus from dairy products such as yogurt or milkshakes. The flavors offered are very many and can be chosen according to individual tastes. In addition, the packaging is also beautiful and very unique.

In addition to the milk-style drink menu, there is also a food menu that is typical of Indonesia. There is also a delicious western and Chinese food menu. A snack or snack menu is also available there and can be chosen according to taste.

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6. Monarchy Bistro

Monarchy BistroIt is still a place to eat that can be used as a date location in Bogor. This is Monarchy Bistro. The location of this place to eat is still near Two Stories, namely on Jalan Pajajaran.

This location is interesting from its minimalist concept. It can be seen from the shape of the table and chairs and also the simple but attractive arrangement. In addition, there are also decorative murals on the walls that seem ancient but unique.

In addition, this dining area can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. To visit it, you can come from 11 am to 11 pm. But make sure that you book a place in advance, especially when it comes to weekends.

7. Cibodas Botanical Gardens

Cibodas Botanical GardensWho does not know Cibodas Botanical Gardens? This botanical garden is one of the tourist attractions that is not lonely. From the past until now, there are still many tourists who make this location a favorite tourist location.

Of course, this is because the temperature is very cool and combined with green and very wide plants. Suitable for a location to spend the weekend to unwind.

In addition, in this botanical garden there is also one interesting spot, namely Sakura Park. As the name suggests, Sakura Park certainly keeps the typical Japanese plants and can be used as a location for Japanese-style photos. Come around January-February or July-August to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.

8. Lusso Cafe & Resto

Lusso Cafe & RestoThis one place to eat is suitable as a hangout location with your partner or friends. The interior of Lusso Cafe & Resto will make visitors amazed and feel at home for long there because it is full of shady plants.

One thing that is interesting is the natural concept that is presented there, where when eating, visitors will feel like they are faced with a very shady and cool plantation. There are many plants that can spoil the eye.

In addition, the food menu served is also diverse. There is a main menu that is typical of Indonesia, such as complete savory rice. Meanwhile, there is also a snack or dessert menu that is no less delicious to try.

9. Tier Siera Resto & Lounge

Tier Siera Resto & LoungeAnother place to date in Bogor that can be visited is Tier Siera Resto & Lounge. This dining location features a place to eat that is close to nature and can enjoy the natural scenery.

The scenery that can be enjoyed is the green and beautiful mountains. The location is on Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 48 Bogor. At least there are several food menus offered there, ranging from the snack menu to the main food menu.

If you want to come there, come from 11.30 to 12.00 midnight. Also prepare your best camera to take pictures with your partner because the scenery is very beautiful to pass up.

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10. Archipelago Flower Garden

Archipelago Flower GardenAnother place that is suitable for you and your partner who wants to date is a flower garden, namely Taman Bunga Nusantara. This flower garden will bring tourists who come to take a walk to enjoy the typical French, Japanese, or Balinese atmosphere.

There the garden is very well laid out. Complete with pools and buildings that make for a cool combination to unwind. There is also a labyrinth garden called the Secret Labyrinth to solve the path.

If you want to visit, come from 8 am to 5 pm. The location is on Jalan Mariwati, Kawungluwuk Village, Cianjur. The ticket price itself is set at around IDR 30,000 per person.

In addition to some of the locations described above, here are some other recommended date spots in Bogor that can be visited with a partner, including:

  1. Indonesian Safari Park
  2. Death by Chocolate
  3. Ah Poong Floating Market
  4. Bodogol . Nature Conservation Education Center
  5. The Jungle Waterpark
  6. Water House Restaurant
  7. Lemongrass
  8. Lemon8 Cafe
  9. Royale Bakery & Cafe
  10. Peppino House Restaurant
  11. Culinaire Van Bogor
  12. Cyrano Cafe
  13. D’Glock
  14. Curug Cikoneng
  15. Sindangbarang Cultural Village
  16. Warso Farm
  17. Peak Sun Park
  18. Gunung Mas . Tea Plantation
  19. Fly Indonesia Paragliding
  20. Golden Park
  21. Kroznat & Friends
  22. Cupcakes House
  23. Mimi Granddaughter
  24. Dailydose Coffee and Eatery
  25. The Grounds Cafe

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Those are some recommendations for dating places in Bogor that you can visit with your partner to spend time together. Take your time and choose your favorite place. Hope it is useful. Happy holidays with your partner.

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