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30 Most Recommended Romantic Dating Places in Bogor

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Bogor is a city with a large population of young people. This makes Bogor a city that should be able to provide comfortable places for youth activities, such as hanging out or spending time with friends or partners. This city, which is not far from Jakarta, is indeed the right choice to spend time with your partner or friends. There are many tourist attractions and hangouts that can be romantic date spots in Bogor. Here are some recommended places.

1. Highland Park Resort

The first location is Highland Park Resort. This place is on Jalan Curug Nangka. With a unique concept, this place can be a recommended tourist spot to spend time with your partner or friends.

There is an inn in the form of a Mongolian residential house combined with green and still beautiful natural beauty. But even if you don’t stay overnight, the location is beautiful enough to be used as a tourist location.

If you want to stay overnight, for example for a honeymoon, you have to pay a rent of approximately one and a half million rupiah per night. But of course the facilities there are very complete.

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2. Ah Poong Floating Market

Ah Poong Floating MarketThe name of this tourist spot is an indication of the concept of the tourist spot itself which adapts to floating market conditions from Thailand. This is one of the food courts that carries the concept of a floating market.

If you and your partner really like culinary tourism and want to try new concepts, then this place might be very suitable to visit. There are at least 30 food outlets that can be tried.

There are many choices of food on the menu. In addition, the atmosphere there at night will certainly be very romantic with the sparkling lights that are arranged very well. Please come to Jalan Ir. H. Juanda, Sentul.

3. Mount Pancar Nature Tourism Park

Mount Pancar Natural Tourism ParkThe next recommended romantic date place in Bogor is Mount Pancar. This place is suitable for you and your partner who like the cool natural atmosphere and spoil the eyes from the fatigue of the city.

This location has the beauty of the rows of pine trees so it is very suitable to be used as a nature-themed pre-wedding location. In addition, this place also has a very cool air.

To enter there, the cost to be incurred is also very cheap. In addition, there are also facilities in the form of hot water baths that you can try to relax yourself for a moment.

4. Cimory Riverside

Cimory RiversideIn Bogor, more precisely on Jalan Raya Puncak, there is a place to eat with a unique concept, namely Cimory milk products. In addition there are also factories and souvenir shops that can be visited.

The location of this restaurant is by the river. The food menu served can be obtained at a fairly cheap price, starting from 8,000 to 55,000 only. This place is worth to visit with your partner.

Restaurant opening hours are from 8 am to half past 9 pm. To come there, don’t forget to prepare your camera to take pictures while enjoying the atmosphere.

5. Warso Farm

Warso FarmWant to enjoy durian straight from the garden? Then come to this location because there you and your partner who like durian fruit will be very pampered.

Warso Farm is a durian garden with an area of ​​​​approximately 8.5 hectares. There are many types of durian that can be tried directly from the garden. The location is on Jalan KH. Halimi Cihideung Village.

Apart from durian, there are also other fruits that can be enjoyed. Opening hours are from 7 am to 5 pm. The best time to come there is during the durian harvest season.

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6. Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas . Tea PlantationIf you and your partner really like the natural nuances of the tea plantation concept, then this location can be visited. Of course there will be a cool atmosphere and spoil the eyes.

There are also horse riding facilities for tourists who want to tour the tea gardens. But the cost is quite expensive, which is 75,000. But tourists can enjoy the atmosphere more freely on horseback.

The location of this tea plantation is on Jalan Raya Puncak, Cisarua, Bogor. Because it is in the Puncak area, the location is easy to find. Come there if you are tired of the urban atmosphere.

7. Rock Mountain

Rock MountainAnother place that can be used as a romantic date location in Bogor is Mount Batu. This location is also suitable for couples who like the natural atmosphere and also like to do outdoor activities.

To enjoy the natural atmosphere in this place requires sufficient energy and stamina because it is necessary to do trekking or climbing first to reach the peak.

But the scenery above will certainly be very beautiful and spoil the eye. To climb, come in the morning since 7 o’clock, because this tourist location is closed at 5 pm. Don’t forget to bring food and drinks so you don’t run out of energy.

8. Bukit Air Resto

Bukit Air RestoOne place for a romantic date is certainly not far from a place to eat. This restaurant has a natural concept because it is close to nature.

To enjoy this one dining location, just come to Jalan Babakan Encle, Sukahaja Village, Bogor. There, of course, there is a unique place to eat that spoils the eyes with green views of the rice fields.

There there is a kind of hut or hut built from natural materials such as wood with a roof of reeds. This location will remind you of ancient times when nature in Bogor was still very natural. Complete with a delicious Sundanese food menu.

9. Gili-gili Bogor Restaurant

Gili-gili Bogor RestaurantAnother romantic dining place that you can visit with your partner is Gili-gili Bogor Restaurant. This location is on Jalan Raya Padjajaran Bogor. This place can be visited to spend time with your partner or friends.

The food menu served at this restaurant is also Sundanese gas food. But of course the prices served there are very friendly. In addition, the atmosphere that will be obtained will also be very cool and comfortable.

This restaurant is not only suitable to be visited with a partner, it is also suitable for a place to eat with a large family because there is a special toy area for children that is safe and can make children happy.

10. De Saung HK Restaurant

De Saung HK RestaurantAnother restaurant in Bogor that can be used as a romantic date location is De Saung HK Resto. The location of this place to eat is more precisely at the foot of Mount Salak. Of course, you can already imagine the scenery that is presented.

You will feel a cool atmosphere when you eat at this place. In addition, the scenery presented is very green and beautiful because it is in a location that is still very natural.

The mainstay of the menu is grilled fish. To enjoy eating at this place, come from 10 am to 10 pm. But don’t forget to bring warm clothes, especially if you come at night.

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These are some of the suggested recommendations. But apart from the places above, there are still many cool locations in Bogor to visit with your partner or friends. Here are some recommendations for other romantic date spots in Bogor that you can visit with your partner to get quality time together. Starting from natural attractions and places to eat as well as tourist attractions with modern concepts, including:

  1. Lemongrass
  2. De Leuit
  3. Soto Mother Rahayu
  4. Bogor Water House
  5. Indonesian Safari Park
  6. Kamannana Restaurant
  7. Bogor Botanical Garden
  8. Cupcakes House
  9. Telaga Warna lake
  10. Riung Mountain Park
  11. Flower City
  12. Cifor Deer Captivity
  13. Papof Restaurant Bed & Breakfast
  14. De Cafe Rooftop Garden
  15. RoofPark
  16. Bavarian Culinary Haus
  17. Bogor White House
  18. Little Venice Peak
  19. Cibodas Botanical Gardens
  20. Archipelago Flower Garden

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Those are some romantic date spots in Bogor that can be visited with a partner, ranging from natural attractions to beautiful places to eat. Determine the best destination for you and your partner and go to the place that best suits both of you. Hopefully this article is useful. Happy Holidays.

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