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30 Most Beautiful Indonesian Tourist Places and Must-Visit

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Indonesia is a country that is blessed with many natural beauties. The charm of tourist attractions in Indonesia itself is very much. Starting from stunning marine tourism, the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia, to a variety of culinary tours that are also no less of a variety of types. All of these things make Indonesia itself one of the most famous countries as a paradise for the world.

Every day there are always tourists who come to visit every tourist location in Indonesia. They always visit the most beautiful Indonesian tourist attractions that have been proven and have been very attractive. Not a few foreign tourists come and visit Indonesia, but after seeing the natural beauty of Indonesia they fall in love with Indonesia. This shows that the beauty of Indonesia is a beauty that is second to none.

Tourism in Indonesia itself is mostly a nature tour, both in the ocean and on the mainland. We can find all kinds of tourism, we can find all kinds of tourist beauty. Many of Indonesia’s most beautiful tourist attractions are almost similar to tourist locations abroad. Even so, tourist sites in Indonesia are still the best tourism that is second to none. If we look further, we will find other tourism potentials that are no less amazing. Some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia that you should know are as follows:

1. Raja Ampat

Who does not know the tourist attractions of Raja Ampat Papua, one of the tourist attractions that the people of Papua and Indonesia are proud of. This one location is one of the pride of marine tourism in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat itself can be said to be a small part of the natural beauty of Papua which not many people know about. If we visit Raja Ampat, we will be treated to a very enchanting natural scenery. The islands and hills are towering and very green with very beautiful trees.

In addition, we can also dive and enjoy the underwater beauty of the Raja Ampat ocean. There are so many famous diving spots in this area, all of these spots will show the underwater beauty that can amaze us. The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat itself is well known, the Raja Ampat sea area itself is one of the marine areas that has a very large ecosystem wealth, this is supported by the many kinds of fish that gather in this area.

An interesting attraction in the Raja Ampat area is swimming and playing with whale sharks and manta rays. In addition, this area also has many supporting facilities such as lodging which also offers its own beauty and comfort for tourists visiting Raja Ampat.

2. Mount Rinjani

Mount RinjaniOne of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia that we must visit. Mount Rinjani is one of the tours that can be said to be quite famous, especially for those who like activities that challenge adrenaline.

Rinjani tourist area is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok which is quite famous. Every year when the climbing season has arrived, not a few climbers flock to climb this one mountain.

Mount Rinjani is one of the places with the most beautiful sunrise in Indonesia that we can enjoy. This view attracts a lot of visitors to be willing to climb to the top. The natural beauty of the Mount Rinjani area is already very well known not only domestically, but is already well known to foreign countries.

The climbers who come are not only limited to those who come from Indonesia. Indeed, most of the existing climbers are from within the country. Security facilities on Mount Rinjani are also good enough to support the safety of climbers.

3. Queen Boko’s Palace

Queen Boko PalaceRatu Boko Palace is one of the best places to enjoy the best sunset in Indonesia. This one place is one of the many cultural tourist sites in Jogjakarta that we can visit. Indonesia itself is a country that is well known for its many cultural tourism potentials.

Cultural sites such as Ratu Boko Palace can be found in every area in Indonesia. There are so many advantages of cultural tourism that we can get by visiting these sites. Ratu Boko Palace itself is a place that is often used as one of the most famous pre-wedding places in Jogja.

This is because of the beauty of the place and the beauty of the atmosphere it has. Especially if we enjoy the view just before sunset. Reddish sky with a really very serene atmosphere. If we plan to come to visit this location, you should be able to provide a camera to be able to take the best moments at this location. In addition, the facilities in this place itself are also very complete. So the visitors who come to this location will also feel comfortable and at home.

4. Lake Toba

Lake TobaThe next tourist spot that we can visit is Lake Toba. This lake is one of the prides of the Batak people.

A lake that does have a lot of tourism potential that can still be developed and can still be improved. There is a lot of tourism potential in Lake Toba. Both in the form of tourism potential from Lake Toba itself, as well as from the area around Lake Toba itself.

Lake Toba itself is one of the most famous tourist attractions in West Sumatra. If we visit this location, we will be treated to a very wide and calm view of the lake, with the added beauty of the surrounding natural scenery.

If we look at Lake Toba just before sunset, we will see a beauty of its own and very stunning. In addition, we can also take a culinary tour of regional specialties around Lake Toba. There are also several cultural sites that we can visit while in the area around Lake Toba.

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are several other areas that you need to know, such as

  1. Lake Sentani
  2. Puncak Jaya
  3. Bantimurugg karst mountains
  4. Bunaken marine park
  5. Derawan Island
  6. Komodo island
  7. Mount Kelimutu
  8. Dreamland Beach
  9. Gong Cave
  10. Baluran National Park
  11. Madakaripura Waterfall
  12. Mount Bromo
  13. Ijen crater
  14. Green Canyon
  15. Krakatoa
  16. Belitung Island
  17. Seven mountain lake
  18. Pelalangan Hill
  19. Dieng
  20. Love Island
  21. Gilitrawangan
  22. Nusa Penida
  23. Karimun Jawa
  24. Seribu Island
  25. Prambanan temple
  26. Sabang

Well, those were some of the most beautiful Indonesian tourist attractions that you can visit. The places mentioned above are guaranteed to be beautiful. And it has been proven by itself and directly there is a lot of beauty that all these places have. Hopefully the information was useful.

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