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30 Culinary Semarang Bondan Must-Visit

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Semarang is one of the cities in Central Java that has a lot of unique culinary delights. Semarang is also the city of origin for various kinds of food that may not be found in other cities. Even if it is in another city, it may not taste as good as in Semarang. Here are some typical and delicious Semarang Bondan culinary delights that you must try.

1. Grumpy

Ever heard of this word? If not, maybe you will be curious. Mangut itself is one of Semarang’s specialties in the form of watery curry which is very spicy. Suitable for those of you who like to be challenged with spicy foods.

This curry is made from processed animal protein such as chicken or beef or goat. There are also some sea fish meat that is used as mangut, including stingray or mayung fish. For fresh fish, usually used as the main ingredient is catfish.

In Semarang, there are several places to eat typical mangut that are recommended and can be tried, including Warung Makan Simple and Warung Nasima.

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2. Spring Rolls

Spring RollsWhen it comes to culinary Semarang, the first thing that comes to mind is spring rolls. Yes, spring rolls are indeed one of Semarang’s specialties. This food is actually a Chinese Peranakan food that is growing rapidly in Central Java.

Spring rolls are fried and the inside has a variety of filling ingredients. Spring rolls are more delicious when eaten with green chilies and spring onions. If you are on vacation in Semarang, you must try this food.

In Semarang, there are some of the best places to taste this typical Semarang spring roll, one of which is at Gang Lombok. In addition, you can also try spring rolls on Jalan Pemuda, Jalan Mataram, and Jalan Pandanaran which is no less delicious.

3. Pindang Rice

Pindang RiceWhen you hear the word Nasi Pindang, maybe what comes to your mind is plain rice with fried pindang fish. But your guess turned out to be wrong because Nasi Pindang is a typical Kudus soup.

Reportedly, this food is food that appeared when Sunan Kudus began to spread Islam. This rice uses buffalo meat in ancient times. But now this food has developed with other meats.

The most distinctive thing about this food is another ingredient that is not found in other foods, namely young melinjo leaves. Bondan’s version of the delicious pindang rice is at Soto Kerbau Ayam Mbak Mar, which is located in Taman Bojana Kudus.

4. Rice Gandul

Gandul RiceA unique name for a unique food. This gandul rice is actually a typical food of Pati, Central Java, but currently in Semarang it is also popular. This rice may at first glance look like gandul rice. But the two are different.

Nasi gandul uses beef empal and beef offal. The meat is cooked using spices and then fried until the texture turns more crispy. Then the rice is added with savory coconut milk.

If you are interested in this food, try stopping at Nasi Gandul HA Warsimin. The location is on Jalan Kyai Pupus Pati. It is the best place to enjoy Bondan’s version of Nasi Gandul.

5. Tengkleng

TengklengAnother Semarang food menu that has a unique and foreign name. This is tengkleng. Tengkleng is a dish that is often found in Solo, Semarang, and other cities in Central Java.

Tengkleng is still a sugary dish, it’s just that the sauce is more watery. Unlike nasi gandul, tengkleng is not cooked with coconut milk. The main ingredient of this food is mutton and some parts such as ribs, legs, and goat’s head.

One of the best places to enjoy Bondan’s version of this dish is at Tengkleng Bu Sarimin on Jalan Pinang Solo. Besides that, you can also stop by at Klewer Market at Bu Edi’s Tengkleng stall.

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6. Tripe Fried Rice

Tripe Fried RiceDo you like fried rice and at the same time like tripe? Then maybe this food is perfect for you. This fried rice has a dark color because it uses more sweet soy sauce. But it’s also spicy, complete with red and white onions, and tender tripe.

This food is suitable as a lunch menu if you are in Semarang. To taste it, this food is easy to reach from the city of Semarang.

Some of the best places to eat tripe fried rice in Semarang are Pak Hengky’s stall on Jalan Puri Anjasmoro Semarang. Besides that, you can also stop by at Warung Pak Taman near the Diponegoro Stadium, Semarang.

7. Sate Buntel

Sate BuntelSate buntel is one of the typical foods of Solo which is quite unique. Buntel in Javanese means wrap. That is, this satay is satay which is coated or wrapped in goat meat fat on the outside.

Then the satay was just burned. The inside is mutton that has been seasoned. At first glance, the shape is similar to grilled sausage. But the taste is certainly richer than sausage.

Usually this satay is served with spices or chopped chili sauce from sweet soy sauce, onions, and chilies. To enjoy it, you can stop by Warung Sate Kambing Tambaksegaran Asli and also Warung Ibu Hj. Bejo in Solo.

8. Garang Asem

Garang AsemMaybe many people are familiar with this name. Garang Asem, typical of Semarang or Central Java, uses steamed chicken wrapped in banana leaves. The spices that are synonymous with this food are sour and spicy flavors.

Some of the kitchen ingredients used include star fruit, tomatoes, and several types of chili. Garang tamarind has a fairly clear gravy like broth and has a very good taste.

To make Garang Asam, the chicken used is free-range chicken. If you want to try this culinary, you can come to Saru Rasa Restaurant in Kudus, Mbah Semar’s Warung in Semarang-Solo, or at Pecel Solo Restaurant.

9. Tauto

TautoThis food is one of the types of soto in Central Java that comes from the city of Pekalongan. Tauto is not like soto in general because it has a thinner sauce but a darker color.

In short, this tauto is similar to Makassar coto. The broth is made from buffalo meat or beef broth with very good spices. Tauto is usually enjoyed with rice.

The most recommended tauto is in Pekalongan, namely at Warung Soto PPIP on Jalan Dr. Wahidin. In addition, you can also come to Warung J. Damudji or Warung Pak Masduki.

10. Lontong Opor

Lontong OporLontong opor, as the name suggests, is a food in the form of lontong eaten with delicious opor. Lontong opor has a yellow color with thick coconut milk.

Lontong opor is also delicious when served with chili sauce, a sprinkling of shredded or beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, and some crackers. Lontong is similar to lontong cap go meh.

If you want to taste lontong opor, in Semarang there is one of the best places that Bondan recommends to buy, namely at Warung Tenda Mbak Tum. The location is on Jalan Peterongan, Semarang.

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In addition to the 10 Semarang Bondan culinary delights above, here are some other Semarang specialties that are delicious and may not be available in other areas. If you travel to Semarang, all of these culinary delights are a must try, including the following.

  1. Know Dreadlocks
  2. Tofu Pong
  3. Banana Plelet
  4. Milkfish Presto
  5. Wingko Babad
  6. Cake Lekker
  7. Ice Putter
  8. Tripe Gongso
  9. Mi Kopyok
  10. Semarang special chicken rice
  11. Soto Bangkong
  12. Wedang Tofu
  13. Wedang Durian
  14. Snapper Meatball
  15. Mr. Thori’s Grilled Duck
  16. Sate Kalak
  17. Bustaman Goat Curry
  18. Tandhok Grilled Ribs
  19. Lombok Ijo Fried Chicken
  20. Cat Rice

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Those are 25 culinary Semarang Bondan that must be tried when on vacation or visiting Semarang. Enjoy authentic culinary delights and try all the food menus while you are in their hometown. Happy holidays and culinary tour.

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