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3 Ways to Become a Trend for Anti FOMO in 2022 with Galaxy A03 Core

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The new year is synonymous with various new lifestyle trends that have emerged, ranging from fashion, sports, music, to creative content. This new trend is expected to continue to color people’s lives, especially Gen-Z throughout 2022.

As a brand that is always committed to meeting the needs of its users, especially Gen-Z, Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) comes with the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core. It’s the most affordable smartphone right now with “wow” memory, battery, screen and performance to keep Gen-Z up to date with 2022 trends.

“As a generation that is anti-FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and at least doesn’t want to miss the latest information, Gen-Z has the ability to redefine trends in society,” said Selvia Gofar, Head of Product Marketing Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Selvia added, understanding these needs, the Galaxy A03 Core is here as the most affordable smartphone from Samsung to accompany Gen-Z updates with the latest trends. With the latest features, the Galaxy A03 Core is ready to be relied on to be modern in 2022, the price is only IDR 1.2 million.

Check out how you can be the most up-to-date in 2022 with the Galaxy A03 Core:

Look for OOTD inspiration to look stylish and cool

Experts predict that fashion trends in Indonesia this year will lead to bold styles of dress, including in terms of color, which can be dominated by bright and neon shades. In addition, the sustainability aspect will also continue to be a trend in the fashion world.

This trend is also in line with the behavior of Gen-Z who likes to get out of their comfort zone every day and care about the sustainability of the surrounding environment. To find the best OOTD to be up to date on various occasions, you can maximize the PLS Infinity-V screen of the Galaxy A03 Core measuring 6.5 inches and HD + resolution.

Scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feeds to find the right fashion inspiration, so buying the things you want on your favorite thrift shop accounts is even more convenient. In addition, with an aspect ratio of 20:9 Cinematic Viewing, you can also watch various videos on YouTube to find more mix and match references.

Make creative video content that is going viral so it’s up to date

The Galaxy A03 Core comes with features that Gen-Z considers when buying a smartphone, including 32GB of memory which can be added with up to 1TB of external memory and a large, long-lasting 5,000mAh battery.

So, what can you do with this feature? One of them is that you can create a variety of current content. With an external memory of up to 1TB, you can save various videos that will be downloaded on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media without worrying about the storage capacity running out quickly.

You can also be free to be creative in recreating scenes from the soap opera “Layangan Putus” which is currently viral in your version to create #2021throwback content that is trending on TikTok. In addition, with a large battery that lasts a long time, you can smoothly create content throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery.

Not only that, you can also freely explore exciting places such as Pos Bloc in Jakarta, HeHa Sky View in Yogyakarta, Little Seoul in Bandung and instagramable hits spots in your area without having to charge the battery often.

Start a healthy lifestyle with a flagship smartphone

A survey shows that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most popular 2022 resolutions, including among Gen-Z. A healthy lifestyle that can be lived, among others, by doing more activities, such as exercise and eating healthy foods.

Moreover, a number of food observers in Indonesia also see that healthy foods such as milk made from almonds, low-calorie smoothies, and vegan menus will be more happening this year. Whatever contemporary lifestyle you will live in 2022, you can live it more pleasantly with the Galaxy A03.

Equipped with the Unisoc SC9863A chipset and Android 11 Go Edition, various applications can be run quickly and efficiently. Watching exercise tutorials on YouTube, playing playlists on JOOX to accompany you on a run, to hunting for the most affordable healthy food promos on various food delivery applications feels smoother.

Galaxy A03 Core comes in attractive Blue and Black colors to make users more confident in meeting all their needs to be the most up-to-date and not behind the trend in 2022. You can also enjoy a series of features from the Galaxy A03 Core at a price of Rp. 1,199,000 at Samsung .com and also offline stores.

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