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3 Round Hot Duel, Syardan Sadik Arrests Anwar

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Saturday, 19 February 2022 – 22:41 WIB

VIVA – Syarjan Sadik defeated Anwar Hidayat in Fight Night 56, One Pride MMA. He bulldozed Anwar after going through a fierce duel until the third round.

In a duel broadcast on tvOne, Saturday night, 19 February 2022, Syarjan Sadik met Anwar Hidayat in the atomweight (48 kg) ranking improvement party.

Syarjan Sadik immediately appeared aggressive at the beginning of the first round. He attacked Anwar with his low kick.

The fight then continues to ground fighting. The two fighters hit each other in the bottom game. However, Syarjan did not reduce his aggressiveness.

In the middle of the first round, Syarjan had a head lock on Anwar. However, Anwar also did not want to give up until he managed to escape.

Being in the top position, Anwar Hidayat tried to dominate the duel ground. He threw a slam technique to Syarjan.

However, Syarjan as a senior fighter showed his spurs. He continued to attack with elbows, but the first round match was soon over.

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