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3 Natural Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Protruding Veins on Hands

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The appearance of the protruding veins on the hands sometimes makes women feel no self-confident. Although not too distracting, the appearance of prominent veins makes the appearance less attractive.

There are several causes for this protruding hand vein, such as heavy physical activity, not ideal body weight or heredity. Now for those of you who feel less beautiful because of the appearance of prominent veins, here are 3 natural ways to reduce the appearance of prominent veins on your hands that you can try.

Gentle Massage

Olive oil illustration/ Photo:

One of the reasons why it can stand out is due to decreased elasticity of blood vessels. Well, to minimize the veins that look protruding, you can give a gentle massage in the area of ​​​​the hands and arms.

But keep in mind, the massage given should not be too hard, because squeezing the protruding veins can interfere with the performance of your blood vessels. You can do a gentle massage using olive oil. Do a gentle massage with olive oil twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Garlic and Orange Juice

Garlic illustration/
Garlic illustration/ Photo:

Kitchen ingredients such as garlic and orange juice can help get rid of the veins that look protruding in the hands, you know. Garlic itself is a kitchen spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Which of these ingredients can also help blood circulation more smoothly.

As a result, the veins will not look too prominent. The method is quite easy, crush 3-4 cloves of garlic, add enough orange juice. Mix well, then apply the mixture to areas of the hands with prominent veins.

Leave it overnight, and the next day rinse thoroughly. You simply do this ritual once a week.

Pay Attention to Diet

Healthy food illustration/ Doan
Healthy food illustration/ Photo: Doan

The natural way to reduce the appearance of veins on the hands is next by paying attention to your diet. A low-carb, high-fiber diet can help reduce the appearance of bulging veins.

You can also consume sources of omega 3 fatty acids so that the elasticity of your blood vessels is getting better. The next thing that is no less important is to meet the body’s needs for vitamins and minerals.

Consumption of foods that contain lots of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E as well as calcium, iron and folic acid. These vitamins and minerals are compounds that can help nourish blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Those are 3 natural ways to reduce the appearance of protruding veins on the hands. Pretty easy, right? Good luck, Beauties!

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