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3 Mainstay Styles of RM BTS Always Be a Model for Massive Trends, Take a peek at the Authentic Style of the Most Charming Bangtan Boys Leader! | grid.ID

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RM BTS aka Kim Namjoon

Grid.ID Journalist Report, Novia

Grid.ID – Kim Namjoon, aka RM BTS, does not stop reaping the global spotlight.

As the leader of Bangtan Boys (BTS), RM is also known to have an authentic style.

Typical with his charming face, whatever style RM BTS uses, he always manages to steal the public’s attention.

Quoted from, Wednesday (9/2/2022), RM BTS’s style is considered always stunning to become a global trend.

Yes, the 27-year-old rapper’s style is always right and very charming.

Even though RM likes to follow the latest fashion trends, the authentic style and mainstay of the leader is recognized as the most charming.

The reason is, even though Kim Namjoon’s style seems old, he always looks classy.

With relaxed and baggy jeans inspired by the 90s, RM BTS’s old style has now become a massive trend.

In the spring of last year, a selection of RM denim jeans again inspired people for chic fashion.

Even though the color seems faded, RM likes to wear this as a street style with a hoodie and a big t-shirt.

And that RM style is further emulated with a fitted knit top to add balance to the look.

For the appearance of the second mainstay of RM is a dark color.

Paired with your top, this will look as elegant as ever.

Tailored denim actually took one of the top spots for the trend favorite spring 2022 in the team’s recent gathering.

However, RM BTS’s chosen dark color will bring an instant polish to any legit look.

And the last one is RM BTS’s flagship white shirt.

Yes, this oversized white shirt goes well with all types of bottoms.

This RM BTS style can be stylish in many ways.

Since the shirts are plain in color, you can go all out with colorful accessories or maybe some bold lips!

Imitating RM’s clothing style on this one, will certainly give you a charm that is not kidding.

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