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3 Little-Known Daughters of Vladimir Putin, Status and Whereabouts Secret, Why? | Tribune Style

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Vladimir Putin and his daughters whose status and whereabouts are kept secret

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the spotlight after his country attacked Ukraine.

Not only related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Putin has also received a lot of attention regarding his personal life.

Unlike the world’s presidents in general, he never directly revealed the lives of his daughters.

Vladimir Putin (

Launching The Sun on Monday (7/6/2021), Maria Vorontosa (36 years) is a geneticist, Katerina Tikhonova (34 years) is a dancer who turned her profession into a mathematician.

Although there has never been official confirmation, it is an “open secret” in Russian society that the two women are Putin’s daughters from Lyudmila Shkrebneva.

Both were born when Putin was still serving as a spy for the Soviet Union Intelligence Service (KGB).

So who and where are the daughters of Vladimir Putin?

Maria Vorontosa

Maria Vorontosa, believed to be the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (The Sun via

Maria and Katerina were recently reported to have appeared on state TV at the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum, where their father was the keynote speaker.

Maria who is reported to be an expert on dwarfism, interviewed by channel Rossiya 24about Russia’s efforts to combat rare genetic diseases in children.

Maria is reportedly married to a Dutch businessman and has children, so Putin has become a grandfather.

Maria is a leading researcher at the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology of the Russian Ministry of Health.

At the forum he attended a panel on the future of health care.

Katerina Tikhonova

Katerina Tikhonova, believed to be the daughter of Vladimir Putin. (The Sun via

Katerina is deputy director of the Research Institute for Complex Systems Mathematics at Moscow State University.

She is a former famous dancer and ex-wife of Russia’s youngest billionaire, Kirill Shamalov (39 years old).

On several occasions Katerina does not admit that she is Putin’s daughter. However, suspicions arose when it was discovered that her first name which contained a patronymic was Katerina Vladimirovna, which means her father was named Vladimir.

He demanded greater investment in “breakthrough technology”. He is also recognized as a key figure in the Innopractice Fund, which aims to monetize major scientific advances.

He spoke of the “huge task” of creating a “quantum computer for machine learning and artificial intelligence” and advocated joint action from non-Western countries sympathetic to Russia.

“We lack mechanisms to support and develop these investments,” said Katerina.

Luiza Rozova

Luiza Rozova, believed to be Vladimir Putin’s daughter. (The Sun via

Then, Luiza Rozova (18 years), also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh.

Luiza is a fashion designer and DJ, it is widely believed that she is Putin’s third daughter from an extramarital affair with Svetlana Krivonogikh.

Luiza is well known as a social media star, with nearly 100,000 followers. She has her own fashion business and interests as a DJ.

Recently, he went to Paris and shared photos with bags from Agent Provocateur and Hermes.

Luiza has admitted to GQ Russia that she “may” look “like” Putin when she was younger, but has not confirmed she is Putin’s daughter.

Putin’s relationship with Svetlana allegedly ended when he first had a romance with Olympic gold medalist gymnast Alina Kabaeva, head of a pro-Kremlin media company.

Vladimir Putin’s Response

When news about the existence of a child from an extramarital relationship broke out, Putin’s spokesman said the allegations were highly unconvincing” and “de facto baseless”.

However, public speculation did not immediately disappear.

Putin has spoken briefly about Maria and Katerina, but has given no details about their work and life.

“They are taking their own steps in their careers, but their careers are progressing well. They are not involved in business and politics,” Putin said on one occasion.

“They are never ‘star’ children, they never get pleasure from the spotlight that is directed at them. They just live their own lives,” he said.

“They live in Russia… They have never been educated anywhere except in Russia,” he said.

“I am proud of them, they continue their studies and work. My daughters speak European fluently,” he explained.

Putin has previously said, “I have a private life, in which I do not allow interference. It must be respected.”

He is disillusioned by those “who are impudent and with erotic fantasies interfering in the lives of others.”

(Tribunstyle/ Amr)

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