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3 Important Questions Shadowing Song Kang and Park Min Young’s Relationship in “Forecasting Love And Weather” | inikpop

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Song Kang and Park Min Young are undoubtedly the best couple in “Forecasting Love And Weather”. Although the relationship between the two characters they play, unfortunately is not always smooth. On the contrary, there are a series of questions that overshadow their relationship.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” stole the audience’s attention through various exciting aspects in the story. The lives of employees at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the twists and turns of work and love. And of course, the unexpected romance between the two main characters with so many obstacles and differences.

The two main characters in “Forecasting Love And Weather” are Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo. Both have different attitudes and personalities. Where Jin Ha Kyung has a cold personality but loves his job very much. He is also determined to keep work and personal relationships separate. Meanwhile, Lee Si Woo is a cheerful and genius young man with an IQ of 150 who only cares about the weather forecast.

Then, what if they have a relationship? It certainly won’t be easy. Among them, there are 3 questions that overshadow the relationship between the two characters played by Song Kang and Park Min Young in “Forecasting Love And Weather”.

1. Thrilling Secret Relationships in the Office — Will They Be Found Out?

In the previous episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung finally started a romance. But the problems do not end here. Instead, problems began to emerge from the start of the relationship.

Jin Ha Kyung wants their relationship not to be discovered at the office. The reason is because Jin Ha Kyung doesn’t want to repeat the relationship at the office after the engagement ends. He even told Lee Si Woo that their relationship would end if they were found out.

However, in the preview for the next episode, their relationship was almost discovered. Their co-worker, Shin Seok Ho (Moon Tae Yoo) caught him when the two came to the office together. So will this be the end of Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung’s relationship?

2. Personality Differences — Will Their Relationship Have a Happy End?

Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung have different personalities. Ji Ha Kyung is like cold air. Be it through attitude, behavior, even in career and work. On the other hand, Lee Si Woo is like warm air. He is passionate and does not hold back in front of the people he loves.

This personality difference, of course, brings its own problems. Like cold and hot air that will end in rain. Will Song Kang and Park Min Young’s relationship end the same?

The presence of problems in their relationship is also described in the subtitles for the next episode. It reads “Regional Torrential Rains,” which makes viewers wonder what will happen to their relationship.

3. Who is the Mysterious Caller?

Lee Si Woo gets a mysterious phone call that raises new questions. In contrast to his usual innocent smile and cheerful facial expression, Lee Si Woo’s expression became cold and stiff when he received a phone call. His face became even colder since he saw the caller’s name on the screen.

The question about this mysterious caller certainly makes the audience curious. Is she the woman in red heels who appeared in Lee Si Woo’s dream? Or will this mysterious caller reveal the veil of Lee Si Woo’s past that is still a secret to this day?

These many questions certainly make the audience more impatient waiting for the next episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather”. Successful audiences were made curious about the continuation of Song Kang and Park Min Young’s romance in this drama series.

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