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3 Great Habits That Need To Be Developed From a Young Age, Make You Successful and Happy in Old Age!

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Everyone certainly hopes to be happy and successful in the future. However, this cannot be obtained easily.

In order to achieve success in the future, there are various habits that need to be instilled from a young age, especially for the younger generation. Here is a list of great habits that need to be developed from a young age in order to be successful and happy in old age LinkedIn written by Benjamin Loh, CSP. Come on!

1. Build New Learning Habits

great habit
great habits/ Photo: Anthony shkraba

When we enter the world of work, many of us tend to feel that we are experts in their fields. However, mindset this needs to be changed to someone who is concerned continuous improvement. This means that you want to continue to develop into a better individual.

We can start to learn from various individuals around us, from co-workers, close friends, to our boss at the office, Beauties.

2. Learn from someone Mentor

great habit
great habits/ Photo: Alex Green

The next great habit that needs to be built is looking for a mentor and learn from his more experienced self. A mentor will inspire us to grow.

A mentor is someone who has walked the path we have been on for 10 to 20 years, Beauties. Figure mentor this can be found from the world of work like your boss, for example. yourself and mentor can learn from each other.

Many of the entrepreneurs out there are willing to take on the role of a mentor and do it voluntarily without expecting anything in return.

3. Networking in the New Environment

great habit
great habit/ Photo: Tiger Lily

The next habit is to get out of your comfort zone by networking in a new environment. Not everyone is comfortable with networking in a new environment, especially for introvert, Beauty.

However, networking provide opportunities for us to learn new things from the perspective of others. make networking a process of getting to know others better and building deeper relationships.

Especially for those of you who are building your own business, getting to know more people will increase the potential for your business success.

Those are 3 great habits that need to be developed from a young age to be successful and happy in old age, have you applied them from an early age, Beauties?


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