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3 Benefits of Eating Hot Food for the Body, One of them being fuller for longer, Suitable for those who are on a diet!

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In this world there are two types of food served on the table, namely hot food and cold food. However, in general, everyday we will eat food that is still hot due to the long cooking process.

Some foods will taste more delicious and delicious when served hot. Call it soup or other soupy foods. Meanwhile, on the other hand, warm food seems to offer several benefits for the body. What are the benefits? Compiled from Lunch Eaze, here’s the review.

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Easier to Digest

Several studies have looked at the process of breaking down food in digestion. Research shows food breaks down faster. That means, the human digestive system is sensitive to different temperatures.

The human digestive system works better with warmer foods and liquids, because digestion doesn’t have to work as hard to digest food.

In contrast, cold foods show a shock to the digestive system and make the intestines work longer to break down the nutrients in food. This can cause bloating or digestive sensitivity.

herbal medicine ingredients to treat fluIllustration of hot food. (/Photo:

Meanwhile, the nutrients in hot foods have been partially broken down during the steaming, cooking, baking, or grilling process. Plus, people who eat hot food are usually slower, and that’s good for the digestive system because there’s more time to absorb the nutrients.

More Nutritional Content

Well, because hot food makes the digestive system work more smoothly, the nutrients from hot food are more easily absorbed by the body. In fact, some foods release more nutrients when cooked, such as tomatoes, which release antioxidants lycopene higher.

Quoted from Healthline, lycopene is an antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, strengthen bones and brain, and reduce pain.

South Korean MythIllustration of hot food. (Photo: Eat Your Books/

Fuller Longer

Quoted from Focus Sains, hot foods tend to make you feel full longer. This is because hot food has more flavor due to the volatile organic compounds that are released, and this stimulation makes the food taste more satisfying. Even if the nutrition obtained is the same as cold food.

Hot food slowly signals to your brain that you’re eating a lot, so your brain suppresses your appetite longer after you’ve finished eating.


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