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28 Most Complete Cheap Shopping Places in Singapore

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Singapore is one of the countries that is often used as a shopping destination by socialites and family vacation destinations. Starting from officials, artists and even many employees who are willing to put aside their time and money to visit a country that has this iconic merlion statue. This is because there are many branded and limited edition items with prices that are said to be more “affordable” when compared to prices in other countries.

Even though the price is said to be more “affordable” it is still quite expensive for some people. But for those of you who are traveling to Singapore with a minimal budget, you don’t need to worry because there are many places to shop for classy products at cheap prices in Singapore that you can visit without having to hold back a lot or drain your wallet. (Also read: Shopping Center in Bandung)

The Most Complete Cheap Shopping Place In Singapore

Here are some cheap shopping places that are highly recommended to you readers that you can visit if you are or will go on vacation to Singapore.

1. Mustafa Center

Mustafa center is a paradise for gadgets, quality electronic goods and souvenirs at cheap prices in Singapore, the goods here are sold at the right price so they are non-negotiable. One of the attractions of Singapore is the existence of exciting bazaars such as the Exhibition Center and seminars which are held almost every week at the Singapore Expo.

Of course, in this bazaar, many quality goods are sold at low prices. So that many people take advantage of the bazaar moment to hunt for cheap groceries, ranging from baby products, electronic equipment, adult clothing, children, kitchen utensils, bed sheets, cosmetics, to food with well-known brands, which at the time of the bazaar the price can drop to 80 percent of the market price. original price. The goods sold at the bazaar come from leading shopping centers in Singapore such as Metro, Robinson, and John Little.

2. Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction SingaporeBugis Junction is a shopping center which is divided into two parts, namely a shopping center in the form of a mall and an open-air shop. Here you can indulge yourself in shopping at low prices, even negotiable.

So you have to be smart to bargain to get the dream item in this place. The location of the bazaar which is held in a spacious exhibition room will certainly make the atmosphere of bazaar-style shopping even more pronounced and make you even more excited to hunt for quality goods at low prices. Because this bazaar is not held every day, it would be better if you first check the exhibition schedule by visiting. However, once you try to enter the building, you will find many clothing shops with low prices lined up neatly in this shopping center.

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3. Tekka Mall

Tekka Mall SingaporeTekka Mall is a paradise for you lovers of ethnic clothes such as traditional clothes and Muslim clothes that have Indian accents and patterns. This shopping center is a kind of market located in the Little India area.

Tekka Mall is not widely known by tourists, especially those from Indonesia because this place is an old building that is outside the shopping center area and has a building appearance that does not reflect as a fashion shopping place. Most of these shops sell clothes that are generally from China, Korea, or Bangkok which are sold at wholesale prices for local traders. Besides being able to be satisfied with shopping, you can also hunt for food at restaurants and wet markets located at the bottom of this Tekka Mall. (Also read: Beach Inn San Diego United States)

4. Chinatown

Chinatown SingaporeChinatown is a shopping center that has spread in several areas that sell various goods at low prices, especially if you buy in large quantities. So the more you buy, the seller will give you a cheaper price.

Chinatown is a mall in which there are many small shops selling clothes, shoes, bags to accessories with top quality and cheap prices. In addition, for those of you photography lovers, you will be spoiled by the expanse of camera shops on the second floor of this mall. If you explore all the shops in Chinatown With this, you will find unique shops that sell a variety of interesting products at attractive prices. (Also read: Green Valley Tourist Park)

5. Sungei Road Thieve’s Market

Sungei Road Thieve's MarketSungei Road Thieve’s Market used to be a swag shopping center. Until now, this shopping center is still busy with buying and selling activities with legal goods and not stolen goods of course. This place is almost the same as traditional markets in Indonesia. Here you will find many items that are sold at cheap prices such as watches, shoes, bracelets at low prices.

Sungei Road Thieve’s Market can channel your shopping desires who like to bargain and hunt for quality goods. Because a lot of good stuff you can get at very cheap prices if you can bargain. From fabrics, leather goods, baskets and quality perfumes, you can find them here. Besides that, you can also hunt for food in the culinary tourism area because there are many traditional Muslim foods along the road near the Sultan Mosque. (Cheap Travel in Bogor)

6. Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza SingaporeLucky Plaza is a shopping center that sells various accessories and souvenirs at relatively low prices. You will get items at very cheap prices if you are good at bargaining. So if you want to shop at Lucky Plaza, you should practice bidding first or invite your friends who are good at bargaining to get the cheapest price.

In addition, don’t forget to always be careful and check the quality of the goods and the expiration date before buying. Formerly Lucky Plaza is a second-hand shopping center that is held every weekend. Until now Scape was moved to Lucky Plaza and started selling new items at low prices such as accessories, clothes to makeup. Not only that, you can bargain the price which is certainly very exciting and will satisfy your shopping desires.

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7. Orchard Road

Orchard Road SingaporeIf Bugis Street is Singapore’s Tanah Abang then Orchad Road is Singapore’s Paris Van Java. Here you will find many branded goods at affordable prices and you can even get bigger discounts during the Singapore Great Sale.

The Orchad Road is a shop that stands in Kampung Glam with a variety of antiques. You art lovers will be very spoiled in this shop because there are many vintage artworks that can be hunted to support home decorations. In addition, Kampung Glam itself can be used as a tourist spot because the area has a blend of history, culture, and a super trendy lifestyle.

For those of you who like to go crazy when you’re shopping and have trouble carrying a lot of groceries at the Mall, you can directly shop at International Orchad Road Singapore. Unlike other airports which usually sell goods at high prices, Orchard Road it actually sells goods that are quite cheap because all of its merchandise is not taxed. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in California)

8. Fleawhere

Fleawhere SingaporeFleawhere is said to be the manager of the largest flea market in Singapore which often holds bazaars. You can find various collections of used clothes and the latest fashion trends from various blogshops here at low prices.

Fleawhere is a kind of exhibition where cheap shopping in Singapore is held every month. The location of Fleawhere is usually held in an art or historic building such as the Esplanade Singapore by displaying various works such as vintage clothing to artworks from 100 indie and creative businesses in the country. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Berlin)

Fleawhere is a quarterly bazaar in the form of a flea market held at a Singapore superclub, the atmosphere at Fleawhere is very exciting and makes visitors excited to shop with booming music, cool buildings, and rare traditional Asian goods. You can explore around 70 stalls here and you will find a variety of items at low prices, from used clothes to vintage collectibles.

9. Cineleisure Orchard

Cineleisure Orchard SingaporeCineleisure Orchard is a shopping center in the form of a Mall which is located in the Orchard area and is always crowded with young people. Here you will find many case cell phone, contact lensesto clothes that are trending.

Cineleisure Orchard is a small mall that sells branded goods at low prices such as Pedro, Charles & Keith, G2000, Giordano, Cotton On, and many other branded goods. If in Indonesia there is a Tanah Abang main market, in Singapore there is Cineleisure Orchard.

Cineleisure Orchard is already very famous and is a favorite place for foreign tourists who often visit to hunt for cheap fashion clothes. So this place is always recommended to visit and look for souvenirs. Inside you can find various Singapore souvenirs that are sold at very cheap prices. Because it is a favorite place and is visited by many, you should be prepared to jostle with other shoppers. (Sightseeing in Los Angeles)

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10. Anchorpoint Shopping Center

Anchorpoint Shopping Center SingaporeAnchorpoint Shopping Center is factory outlets a small two-story with a discount offer of 30% – 70% which lasts all year round. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Melbourne Australia)

Anchorpoint Shopping Center is an acronym for Market of Artist and Designers which is a flea market with various selling items in the form of original creations of local artists, designers and craftsmen. Anchorpoint Shopping Center is a cheap shopping place that sells various branded bags. This place is perfect for those of you who like shopping for branded bags at low prices.

Anchorpoint Shopping Center is a place to shop for quality cosmetic products at low prices, especially with the many discounts that you can get at certain times. The Anchorpoint Shopping Center is held every month on the first Thursday of the week or two from five in the afternoon until midnight with local bands and DJs concocting rock-solid music. (Also read: Culinary Places in Jakarta)

11. China Square Central Weekend Flea Market

China Square Central Weekend Flea MarketChina Square Central Weekend Flea Market is a weekly flea market paradise of antiques and collectibles including records, comics, and watches that are currently hard to find for just a few dollars. This market is open every Sunday from eleven in the afternoon to six in the evening. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Perth Australia)

China Square Central Weekend Flea Market is a souvenir center in Singapore that sells various cheap Singaporean souvenirs such as key chains and others at low prices. China Square Central Weekend Flea Market is a mall in Singapore that offers a lot of quality goods at tempting discount prices. China Square Central Weekend Flea Market is an online shopping place in Singapore that offers imported branded goods at cheap prices. This online shop is open 24 hours full with no opening or closing hours so you are free to shop anytime. (Also read: Natural Tourist Places in Aceh)

And there are many more tourist attractions where the cheapest shopping centers are that you need to visit too, because the price is no less cheap than other malls which we have explained as follows:

  1. Reebonz
  2. Sephora
  3. District net
  4. Singapore Plaza
  5. art science museum
  6. bazaar
  7. City Plaza
  8. East Plaza
  9. Arab Street
  10. Scape
  11. IMM
  12. Changi . Airport
  13. Bugis Street
  14. Public Garden
  15. Zouk Flea & Easy
  16. MAAD
  17. The Heritage Shop

Thus, this brief discussion of 28 cheap shopping places in Singapore may be useful for all readers. Hopefully with the explanation of this place you can find out some very interesting places for you to visit as souvenirs for your family.

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