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27 Culinary Places in Medan

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Medan is not only enchanting with its sights and tourist attractions but also spoils the tongue of its visitors with a variety of delicious culinary specialties. The following are some culinary tourism spots in Medan that are highly recommended for all readers to visit.

Culinary tourist attractions in Medan, you are the most you are waiting for when you are traveling to Medan now. So, here are some of the culinary delights that you must visit:

1. Sipirok Medan Restaurant

The famous Medan culinary tourism is the Sipirok Medan restaurant which has a strategic location and is easily accessible, namely on Jalan Raya Sunggal, No. 14 Simpang Tj. Sunggal Field. Here are the characteristics and some information from the Sipirok restaurant that you must know:

  • The main attraction of this restaurant is the variety of delicious menu offerings such as beef soup which is one of the mainstay menus at this restaurant.
  • With recipes passed down from generation to generation by their predecessors, the beef soup here is a favorite that consumers are always looking for and longing for.
  • Especially because the price per portion is relatively cheap, starting from Rp. 13,000 only.

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2. Tabona Medan Restaurant

Tabona Medan RestaurantTabona Restaurant is one of the legendary places to eat on Jalan Mangkubumi No. 17 A U. R Medan Maimun, Medan City. Curry with various flavors and toppings is one of the mainstay menus that tastes delicious and is complemented by several other menus such as satay and others. Tabona Restaurant is open from 7 am to 10 pm and the price for food here starts from Rp. 18,000 only.

As the name implies, this Sate Memeng serves a very popular menu with coconut milk because it has a delicious and distinctive taste. Being in the city of Medan, it is always crowded with visitors because apart from the delicious taste, the price is also friendly, starting from Rp. 16,000 only. (Also read: Palembang Culinary Tour) This satay menu is very popular because it has a delicious and distinctive taste. Located on Jalan Irian Barat, No. 1 Gg. Buntu Medan Timur – Medan City, Memeng satay is always crowded with visitors because apart from the delicious taste, the price is friendly, starting from Rp. 16,000 only.

3. Merdeka Walk

Merdeka WalkMerdeka Walk is one of the biggest night culinary attractions in Medan. Here you can find about 30 culinary outlets that provide various menus such as soto, vegetable rice cake, sushi, steak, oxtail soup and many other menus.

  • To enjoy Medan culinary tourism with these menus, visitors are provided with 700 benches.
  • In addition to enjoying a delicious menu, this place is also used as a place for activities such as competitions and also with football matches.
  • Located on Jalan Denai, in front of the Denai gas station. This place to eat provides Mie Balap which is a typical Medan noodle with a delicious taste and a friendly price of 5000 rupiah. Apart from Jalan Denai, you can also enjoy merdeka walk with prices starting from 6,000 rupiah. (read also:Culinary Places in Jakarta)

3. Medan Top Tips

Medan Top TipsAddress at Jalan Jend. A. Yani No. 92, North Sumatra. Tip Top Medan is a legendary restaurant that has been around since the Dutch era. The mainstay menu served is various variants of ice cream flavors, which are then complemented by other menus such as cakes, omelets, pancakes, salads, tongue steak, fried rice and many others. The price range to enjoy this Medan Tip Top menu is from Rp. 15,000. (Also read: Culinary Places in Purwakarta)

Tip Top Medan is one of the mandatory culinary tours on Jalan Perniagaan (Fish Tax). This place is very crowded because the menu is delicious and has a distinctive taste. If you want to try, you can come from 7 to 12 at night.

4. Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok Medan

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok MedanMie Aceh Titi Bobrok is one of the favorite culinary tours of the people of Medan with its flagship menu in the form of Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok, namely crab noodles that have a delicious taste and affordable prices starting at Rp. 17,500.

  • Medan culinary tourism with the type of food Mie Aceh titi bobrok Medan is on Jalan Brigjend Katamso, near the SIB Daily office.
  • Here you can enjoy a variety of delicious Soto variants from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Hokkaido)
  • Mie Aceh titi bobrok Medan is on Jalan Brigjend Katamso, near the SIB Daily office. Here you can enjoy various variants of typical Acehnese noodles in a delicious field from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon.

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5. Mie Ayam Akong/Acim

Mie Ayam Akong/AcimThe age of this chicken noodle restaurant is very old, namely since 1978 on Jalan Perniagaan, Medan. With a price of 23,000 rupiah, you can already enjoy a delicious chicken noodle dish. In addition, here you can also enjoy prawn spring rolls and their fresh juices.

  • Mie Ayam Akong/Acim Medan has a romantic atmosphere and is highly recommended for you to visit.
  • Not only that, the menu offered here is also delicious with variations for two people, prices start from Rp. 35,000.

The restaurant is located on Jalan STMK Dalam No. 2A, Medan provides several menu options such as chicken wings, cheese potato skin, durian tempura and others. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Anyer)

6. Medan’s Musty Coffee Shop

  Medan's Apek Coffee ShopApek Coffee Shop is very old and legendary which was founded in 1922. This shop has been able to survive until now because it really maintains the quality of the coffee served, starting from setting the water temperature, choosing coffee and mixing techniques. In addition, this shop is often visited by young people because it is a fun and comfortable place to chat with friends or family.

Located in the Chinatown area, during the day this area is filled with auto parts sellers in Medan which at night turns into a night market and a favorite culinary tourism spot with various stalls selling food such as satay, martabak to Hainanese duck rice. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Hanoi)

7. Durian Ucok Medan

Durian Ucok MedanDurian is one of the typical fruits from Medan. One of the most famous places to eat durian in Medan is Durian Ucok which is located at Jalan Iskandar Muda 75 Babura Medan Baru, Medan City. The durian served here is a durian of choice which is definitely delicious and legit. The price for durian here is also relatively cheap, starting from Rp. 20,000. (Also read: Old Jakarta Tourism)

Durian ucok is very suitable as a place for fun souvenirs with a look like a traditional market. Durian lovers will be very spoiled here because there are many variants of durian that can be tasted here. You can also order other durian drinks such as juice or tea from various parts of the world such as China, West and Indonesia with prices starting from Rp. 15,000.

8. Culinary Rujak Pond Takano Juo Medan

Culinary Rujak Pond Takano Juo MedanPool salad has been famous since 45 years ago. The delicious and fresh taste makes customers willing to queue to be able to feel the pleasure of this pool salad. In addition to the delicious taste, the price is also quite affordable, namely Rp. 15.000, – just the portion. Here’s a unique description of the culinary rujak pool takano juo Medan that you need to know:

  • Located on Jalan Court, right across from the Medan Grand Mosque. Rujakpool Open from ten in the morning to ten in the evening.
  • Located in this area which is the old city area of ​​​​Medan. Pool salad become a night culinary tourism area that not only provides a variety of fruit but will also bring visitors to the atmosphere of the past. (read also: Banyuwangi Tourist Places)

9. Pagaruyung Culinary Area

Pagaruyung Culinary AreaThe Pagaruyung Culinary area is located on Jalan Pagaruyung in the Kampung Madras area which serves Indian and Indonesian specialties. This culinary tour is open at night from 6 pm to past midnight. The menus available here are very diverse, such as Indian martabak, roti cane, or nasi briani, teh Tarik and others. (Also read: Tourist Places in Batam)

Pagaruyung Culinary Area is located on Jalan dr. Mansur, near the intersection of Jalan Setiabudi which serves a lot of menus as the main menu and several other complementary menus. The Pagaruyung Culinary Area is open from seven in the morning to 11 a.m. with the price per portion starting from 11,000 rupiah. The Pagaruyung Culinary Area, which not only serves menu dishes with special flavors, but also blows the wind that caresses and relaxes the body. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Bojonegoro)

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10. Wajir Seafood Medan

Wajir Seafood MedanWajir Seafood is located at Jalan Colonel Sugiono No. 3 I Aur Medan Maimun Medan. This place to eat is very famous and much in demand because apart from its strategic location, the menu is also delicious and affordable, starting at Rp. 12,000. In addition, the menu display presented here is also attractive and photoable, so it is highly recommended to visit and share with social media.

  • Wajir Seafood is located in West Medan, Medan City.
  • As the name implies, this restaurant serves one of Medan’s signature seafood, namely Wajir Seafood with a variety of food choices such as shrimp, beef, chicken, offal and others whose taste is unquestionable with affordable prices starting from around Rp. 7,000.
  • Wajir Seafood makes mushroom seafood a special menu that is chewy and delicious. There are also many traditional drinks here which are also very tasty and perfect to accompany the mushroom chicken noodles. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Garut)

11. Soto Sinar Pagi Medan

Medan Morning Light SotoSoto is one of the freshest foods to eat when it’s hot and warm to enjoy when it’s raining. Soto Sinar Pagi serves delicious soto that spoils your eating hobby. Located on Jalan Sei Deli, Simpang Gatot Subroto, this restaurant is open from 7 am to 2 pm.

  • Soto Sinar Pagi is very famous for its flagship menu in the form of Soto Ayam, namely Soto Ayam Curry.
  • Located near Fly Over Simpang, this restaurant is open from nine in the morning to nine in the evening. If you are stopping in Medan, you must taste the typical Medan Soto in front of SMA 1 Medan. For a price of 13,000 rupiah, you can enjoy a portion of lontong from seven in the morning to 6 in the evening.

And there are many more culinary attractions that you must visit because the taste is no less delicious than the one we reviewed earlier. Well, here are the names of culinary attractions in Medan that you must visit:

  1. Sate Memeng Medan
  2. Denai Street Racing Noodle
  3. Mie Race Wahidin Jalan Gajah Simpang
  4. Satay Padang Al-Fresco
  5. Soto H. Sulaiman
  6. Gardenia Tropical Garden Resto Medan
  7. Semarang Street
  8. Coffee Box Medan
  9. Kesawan Square
  10. Lontong Warintek
  11. RM Mandaling Hajjah Nuraini
  12. Soto Kesawan Medan
  13. Kumango Mushroom Chicken Noodle
  14. Lontong Sis Lin
  15. RM Karo Muslim Marikena

Those are some culinary tourism spots that you can use as a reference and you must visit while in Medan.

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