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25 Romantic and Most Popular Prewedding Places in Bekasi

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Bekasi is a city not far from Jakarta. This city also has a lot of tourism potential. Although it has not developed like Bogor or Bandung, the city of Bekasi is quite feasible to continue to be developed in the future.

Of course, there are several locations in Bekasi that are suitable for pre-wedding locations. If you are a native Bekasi resident or a newcomer who doesn’t want to go far out of town to take pre-wedding photos, here are some recommendations for pre-wedding places in Bekasi that can be used as a reference.

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1.City Forest

Located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, South Bekasi, this urban forest is an easy location to reach. Especially if you and your partner don’t have much time because they are both busy. This location can be used as a promising pre-wedding place.

It has trees, grass, and a natural atmosphere, making this urban forest often used as a pre-wedding photo location. Because it doesn’t need to be far and the atmosphere is quite representative.

The concept of any pre-wedding photo is suitable here. There are also many interesting spots to be used as photo backgrounds.

2.Lake Marakas

Marakas Lake

Marakas Lake is a lake located in Babelan, more precisely on Jalan Sejahtera. Usually used for family tourism, this lake is also quite interesting to be used as a pre-wedding place in Bekasi.

The right atmosphere is the night atmosphere because the lights across the lake will reflect perfectly on the surface of the lake. And views like that will add to your romantic atmosphere with your partner.

In the evening atmosphere, the elegant concept is suitable because it looks luxurious and exclusive.

3. Muara Gembong Beach

Muara Gembong Beach

The beach is always suitable for pre-wedding. In Bekasi there is a beach called Muara Gembong Beach. You and your partner can choose this location.

The uniqueness of the beach is in the calm water and white sand. In addition, there is also a mangrove forest there. If you want, you can take the mangrove forest around this beach for pre-wedding photo locations.

Don’t forget to always check the location for more solid choices. Adjust the concept and the right clothes for you and your partner.

4. Bekasi city square park

Bekasi city square park

Like an urban forest, this Bekasi city square park also has a distinctive view of city parks that are worthy of being the location for pre-wedding photos.

You can get a shady atmosphere and a very Bekasi atmosphere there. In addition, there are many spots in the park that can be used as the best photo spots.

Another advantage of this location is that you don’t have to pay or it’s free. Suitable for you and your partner who wants to reduce the budget in your marriage.

5. Parigi Waterfall

Parigi waterfall

A waterfall that is quite unique is also the right location for pre-wedding photos. Not unexpectedly Bekasi has a waterfall that is quite cool.

Although this waterfall is not that high, the natural atmosphere and background of the flowing river will make your pre-wedding photos look cool.

This location is suitable for those of you who like the natural atmosphere and the sound of gurgling river water. To take pictures here always match your clothes. Don’t let your clothes become a barrier to the photo process.

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6. Situ Cibeureum

Situ Cibeureum

A lake is also a great location for pre-wedding photos. Lake Situ Cibeureum is located in South Tambun, Bekasi.

The feel of a vast lake surrounded by green trees will make your photos have a cool photo background.

You can also take a boat and take in the sunsets there. Guaranteed your pre-wedding photos will be very beautiful and romantic. You can also just take pictures on the shores of the lake and accompanied by weeds with a sunset background.

7. Sit Abidin

Situ Abidin

Another lake besides Situ Cibeureum is Situ Abidin. This lake is the highest lake in Bekasi. No wonder why the atmosphere is greener than other lakes.

The green grass on the shores of the lake is like a savanna on a mountain. Other trees also look very natural. Suitable for you and your partner who like outdoor and natural concepts.

The location is in Karangmulya Village, Bojongmangu. Just come to the location to make sure if this place is really suitable for the two of you. The beautiful and natural scenery at Situ Abidin might inspire you.

8. Weeds at the Bekasi Regency Government Complex

Weeds in the Bekasi Regency Government Complex

In the Bekasi district government complex, there is a cool spot that has recently been used as a photo hunting location by most young Bekasi people.

There is an area overgrown with weeds. Many children hit Instagram who come there to hunt for contemporary photos.

If you wish, the location is certainly suitable for holding pre-wedding photos between you and your partner. Stunning views of the weeds will be able to make your photos even cooler. Invite your best photographer to take pictures there.

9. Savanna Deltamas

Deltamas Sab savanna

In the Deltamas area, Bekasi, there is a location that is overgrown with grass and looks like a savanna on a mountain. There are many young Bekasi people who are hunting for cool photos there too.

This location is not widely known by people and not many couples make this place a place to get pre-wedding photos, but of course this location is suitable as a pre-wedding place in Bekasi.

The line of trees on the side of the road combined with the typical grass of the broad savanna will make this location suitable for an outdoor concept. Are you interested? Try to come directly to the location and see for yourself.

10. Magnetica Bridge

Magnetica Bridge

Located in the area of ​​Ruko Magnetica Lippo Cikarang, this bridge was once used as a shooting location for Rio Haryanto, you know. That’s what caused this bridge to hit Instagram.

Many young people are hunting for photos there to get the latest photos. You can also make the bridge the right location for pre-wedding photos with your partner.

Besides being cool, this location also includes a general location and is not far from the city center. So you don’t have to pay to take pictures there. You also don’t need to bother going all the way to the outskirts of the city. How, interested?

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11. Tangkal Hang Sukamahi

Sukamahi Hanging Barrier

Sukamahi is a village located in Cikarang, Bekasi. There is a hanging rod that is now quite in demand by many young people who are hunting for contemporary photos.

Tangkal hanging is another term for a tree that grows alone. The tree was on a mound covered with green grass.

The uniqueness of this place can be used as a cool and anti-mainstream pre-wedding location. You can use many concepts to take pre-wedding photos there.

12. Ganesha Boulevard Deltamas

Ganesha Boulevard Deltamas

In addition to the savanna, in Deltamas there is also a boulevard named Ganesha Boulevard. Many young people spend their afternoons hunting for photos there.

Green grass on the side of the road, wide roads, and rows of cypress-like trees on the side of the road will give a spacious but still natural impression for taking photos.

Of course, this one hits location is suitable for pre-wedding photos. You and your partner also don’t need to worry because this street is a fairly quiet street.

13. Jababeka Botanical Garden

Jababeka Botanical Garden

Located on Jalan H. Usmar Ismail, Cikarang, Bekasi, Jababeka Botanical Garden is a cool location for photo hunting. There are many spots that you can use.

A good spot is a spot in the form of a large meadow. In addition, there are also many spacious streets that are lined with neat trees.

The atmosphere is similar to a botanical garden, and of course you can make this place a place to take pre-wedding photos that are worth considering.

14. Summarecon’s Inverted Pyramid

Summarecon Inverted Pyramid

This inverted pyramid is currently a hit in Bekasi. Many photographers also hunt for photos around this location at night. If you are interested, you can make this place your pre-wedding place.

In addition, at night, the pyramid will emit various colors of lights. The atmosphere can describe your happiness with your partner who is full of color.

If interested, the recommended time is at night to take pictures there. Adjust the photo concept with the clothes to be worn.

15. Jatiasih Tree House

Jatiasih Tree House

A tree house is also a cool location for pre-wedding photo shoots. Especially if the tree house is surrounded by natural scenery too.

This Jatiasih Tree House can be used as an option for holding pre-wedding photos. You can find the best photo spots there.

This location is suitable for you and your partner who want a different atmosphere to take pre-wedding photos in Bekasi. The location is on Jalan Raya Parpostel, Jatiasih, Bekasi.

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Well, how? Interested in choosing one of the fifteen locations? if you haven’t found the right location, here are some recommendations for pre-wedding places in Bekasi again for you and your partner.

16. Fighting Building 45

17. Situ Rawa Binong

18. Hidden Street Cibatu

19. Lake Ellysium

20. Greenland’s Old Bridge

21. Muara Beting Beach

22. Muara Gembong Beach

23. Lake of Hope Ambassador

24. Pura Agung Tirta Buana

25. Saung Ranggon

For those of you who really want to take pre-wedding photos in Bekasi, make sure the location you choose really matches the concept you want. Here are some recommended places. Happy choosing.

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