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25 Most Recommended Mojok Places in Bogor

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Bogor, which is famous as a rainy city, seems to have quite good tourist features. The proof is that when the weekend or holiday arrives, Bogor is always crowded with tourists, both from West Java and Jakarta, as well as from other cities outside West Java and Jakarta. This indicates that there are many tourist attractions as well as mojok spots in Bogor that can be visited with a partner to spend quality time. Here are some places that you can visit with your partner in Bogor.

1. Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens is one of the tourist attractions that can be visited with a partner. This tourist attraction that has existed since the Dutch colonial era was once built as a city park in Bogor and still exists today.

The position of the Bogor Botanical Gardens is also very affordable. Even this garden can be reached very easily from Bogor Station. That’s why the Bogor Botanical Gardens can be an alternative to visit if you don’t have much time to travel.

This place can provide knowledge and also insight into flora. Therefore this place will provide freshness because it has a lot of green trees. There you and your partner will be able to enjoy a shady and lush atmosphere.

2. Mount Mas Tourism Meter

Mount Mas Tourism MeterYou can also visit this natural garden with your partner in Bogor. In this agrotourism, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Of course, this is also balanced with the green natural scenery that is presented so cool and beautiful.

Besides that, you and your partner can also try to enter the tea garden area there accompanied by tea pickers. This will give a unique impression of a rural person who is rarely found in the city.

The location of this tourist spot is in Puncak Bogor and is easy to find. This place will provide serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come on weekdays to avoid traffic jams and crowds of tourists.

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3. Long Waterfall

Long WaterfallCurug Panjang is one of the waterfalls in Bogor which has quite complete facilities but can be said to be quite quiet. Naturally, because the name is not yet popular. However, on weekends or holidays, quite a lot of tourists come to enjoy the atmosphere.

If you come there, not only enjoy the scenery that can be done. There are lots of unique and fun activities for you and your partner. You can do river trekking, jungle trekking, maybe even camping with friends.

The location is in the Megamendung area. Reportedly the location of this waterfall can be reached quite easily. This location is certainly suitable for you and your partner who like outdoor activities close to the outdoors.

4. Lido Recreation Park

Lido . Recreational ParkThis tourist attraction is one of the tourist attractions that can be visited next. His name may not be well known. Actually this Lido Recreation Park is a small lake. But there are many objects of water games that can be tried.

You and your partner can of course stop by to just enjoy the atmosphere and spend time together. The location of this lake is in the Puncak area, which is more precisely about 20 kilometers from the center of Bogor.

In this lake, tourists can take advantage of facilities, such as renting a boat to enjoy the atmosphere of the lake. In addition, of course, the panorama on this lake will be very green and also very refreshing to the eye.

5. Bamboo Village Village Tour

Bamboo Village TourThis one tourist spot in Kampung Bambu Village is located in the Puncak Bogor area. That is more precisely in Cijeruk District, which is 21 kilometers from the center of Bogor.

There are several facilities in this place that are suitable for you and your partner and other tourists to explore. The facilities there include a play area and a tourist village. And because it is in the Puncak area, of course the atmosphere there is very cool.

Other facilities that can be used are the swimming pool which is very neatly arranged and is located in a green area. This location will spoil the eyes and provide tranquility because it is close to nature.

6. Riung Gunung Park

Riung Mountain ParkRiung Gunung Park is one of the suitable tourist attractions for you and your partner who like a calm atmosphere and green tea plantations.

In this place, you and your partner can enjoy the air to unwind in a cool place. The green and calm scenery will be very calming so that it makes tourists feel at home.

In addition, there are also several facilities that you can try, including a field and a jogging track. There is also a swimming pool for tourists who want to swim in that cool place.

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7. Melrimba Flower Garden

Melrimba Flower GardenMaybe the name of this place is not yet popular with tourists from outside West Java, because there are not many references to this place. But of course the Melrimba Flower Garden is worth a visit.

There you and your partner will be faced with a cool and eye-pleasing view. In addition, there will be colorful flowers that bloom beautifully. The location is in the Puncak Bogor area.

Activities that can be done there include picking strawberries, traveling around tourist attractions using ATV, outbound, and also playing kites. In this park there is also a fishing pond and also a beautiful ornamental garden.

8. Color Lake

Telaga Warna lakeIf you like views such as lakes or lakes, then this place might be able to answer that desire. Telaga Warna is suitable for you and your partner who like natural scenery such as lakes.

The location of Telaga Warna is in the Puncak area. Many tourists come on weekends to do water games such as boats and water bikes. Of course you can try and enjoy the fun that is with your partner or friends.

It is called Telaga Warna because this lake can change its color. That’s the unique thing about Telaga Warna that you can visit.

9. Pancawati Tourism Village

Pancawati Tourism VillagePancawati Tourism Village is also still in the Puncak area. This tourist village is suitable for tourists who are tired and bored with life in the city. Try to come there because this place will give a different feel.

The tourist village is very beautiful, quiet, and also provides peace. This tourist spot will spoil tourists who come with the coolness it provides.

The facilities in this tourist village are also quite a lot. Tourists who come can enjoy traditional food and also see typical Sundanese performances such as wayang golek.

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10. Cipanas Presidential Palace

Cipanas Presidential PalaceIn the Puncak area, you can also find other tourist objects, namely historical buildings. Its name is Cipanas Presidential Palace. For you and your partner who like history and historical buildings, you can visit this place.

Formerly this building is a Dutch building. But now it has been used as a place for the president’s residence and tourist attractions. The tourism concept of this building is a museum.

Tourists who come can see historical photos of the Cipanas Presidential Palace, from the Dutch era to the present day. Apart from that, there are also other facilities, such as a souvenir shop and a cactus collection.

In addition to some of the places described above, here are some other mojok places in Bogor that can be reached and visited with a partner, including:

  1. Cibeureum waterfall
  2. Kapol Agro Tourism
  3. Thematic Celebration
  4. Cupcakes House
  5. Two Stories Café
  6. Papolo
  7. Nicole’s Kitchen & Lounge
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Lusso Café & Resto
  10. Momo Milk Bar
  11. Inkarla Wisata Tourist Garden
  12. Bodogol . Nature Conservation Education Center
  13. Flower City
  14. Warso Farm
  15. Citamiang

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Those are some of the mojok places in Bogor that you can visit with your partner. Determine the best tourist attraction to visit together with your partner according to their respective interests. Hope it is useful.

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