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25 Latest and Unique Prewedding Places in Tangerang

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Tangerang, which is not far from Jakarta, has many locations that are suitable for taking photos. Be it tourist photos, urban photos, or even pre-wedding photos. Many couples who are getting married come to Tangerang to find a cool pre-wedding place.

If you are a married couple and are looking for a pre-wedding place in Tangerang, here are some recommended places for you to consider.

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1. BSD II Park

Taman BSD II is the most popular pre-wedding photo spot in Tangerang. Located in the South Tangerang area, there are lots of beautiful photo spots for pre-wedding photo backgrounds. [alingpopulerdiTangerangBeradadikawasanTangerangSelatanadabanyaksekalispotfotoyangindahuntuklatarbelakangfotoprewedding

Many couples take pre-wedding photos here. In addition to being close and doesn’t need to be complicated, this location is also a favorite because natural nuances can still be obtained even though the location is in the middle of the city.

This location is perfect for couples who don’t want to go all the way from Tangerang or Jakarta just to get good pre-wedding photos. The photos will not disappoint either, really.

2. The Land


Located in the Ciputat area, Tanah Tingal is a well-known outbound game location in Tangerang. Many people come there to be able to enjoy outbound games.

However, behind the concept of Tanah Tingal as an outbound tourist attraction, it turns out that there are also many couples who do pre-wedding there. Many wore funny costumes or picnic concepts at the place.

You and your partner can also use the place as the object of your pre-wedding photo. Choose the best concept and the one that fits the concept of Tanah Tingal tourism itself for maximum results.

3. Menteng Park Sector 7

Menteng Park Sector 7

Located around Bintaro, Menteng Park Sector 7 is a city park that can be visited by anyone. The atmosphere is quite shady and there are also many children’s games in it.

Although the location is not far from the city center, Menteng Park Sector 7 is also often used as a location for taking pre-wedding pictures by many couples.

The green scenery on the edge of the park and several other garden objects is important enough to be used as a natural photo property asset and also doesn’t need to be complicated. You and your partner can come there to see the location before deciding whether the location is right or not.

4. Plataran Cilandak

Cilandak Plataran

Plataran Cilandak is a resort or area that is more often used as a place for wedding receptions and also a place for pre-wedding photo shoots. Many couples use this place as their wedding venue as well as a beautiful location for pre-wedding photos.

The garden area is cool and quite spacious enough to provide a shady and shady atmosphere for every couple. Plus, cool typical Javanese buildings can also be used as cool photo backgrounds too.

If you want to use this place, it’s a good idea for you and your partner to come directly to check the location and the available quota. Because there will probably be a queue. Especially during the wedding season.

5. Chakra Venue The Breeze

Chakra Venue The Breeze

Chakra Venue The Breeze is a place where wedding vendors are quite famous. Many couples also use this location for wedding receptions and pre-wedding photos.

Indoor and outdoor concepts are available here. There is also a pool that is very beautifully designed so it is perfect for a pre-wedding photo spot. The photos will look luxurious and elegant.

If you and your partner have more budget and want a luxurious pre-wedding concept, there’s nothing wrong with choosing Chakra Venue The Breeze as your pre-wedding location and also your wedding reception.

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6. Peace Beautiful Golf

Peace Beautiful Golf

Damai Indah Golf is a golf course area in the South Tangerang area. However, even though this place is a golf course, there are also many couples who hold pre-wedding here.

Not only pre-wedding, wedding receptions are often held here with the concept of an outdoor party. Interested in making this place the right location for you and your partner?

The expansive green landscape will make your photo background attractive. In addition, you can also rent a golf cart and decorate it with bridal flowers.

7. Archives Building

Archives Building

Located in the South Tangerang area, this Archives Building is also quite popular in Tangerang and Jakarta as a wedding and pre-wedding venue. You and your partner can also use this building as a reception area.

Many couples hold pre-wedding here because this building is a fairly popular pre-wedding place in Tangerang.

The ancient buildings of the former Dutch colonial government will make your photos look cool. Choose a cool photo concept for you and your partner. There are many interesting spots there.

8. Froggy Floating Castle

Froggy Floating Castle

Located in BSD, Tangerang, Froggy Floating Castle is a suitable place for you and your partner who want a wedding concept or pre-wedding photo like a princess and royal prince in a fairy tale.

There are several couples who are interested in making this Froggy Floating Castle their pre-wedding location. In addition to a magnificent building that will take you back to your childhood because you crave a character like a royal princess, there are many other interesting spots too.

One of them is a horse-drawn carriage that looks exactly like the one in children’s bedtime stories. The photos will definitely be cool.

9. Pondok Indah Lestari

Pondok Indah Lestari

One more wedding venue that can also be used as a pre-wedding venue in Tangerang. Her name is Pondok Indah Lestari.

Although it doesn’t seem as luxurious as Chakra Venue The Breeze or the Archives Building, this location is still a recommended location for you and your partner who like the concept of an outdoor but still elegant.

Immediately check the location and also the queue list to be able to take pictures or hold a wedding reception there. Choose a concept and use the services of the best photographer for the best photo results.

10. Situ Cipondoh

Situ Cipondoh

Who said to get a typical lake atmosphere at sunset you have to go all the way to Bali? There’s also one in Tangerang, really. The location is Situ Cipondoh.

You and your partner can make this location the best location for your pre-wedding. Although not far from the city, you can get a cool view here. Especially the view at dusk.

All of these things will give the impression of its own romance for you and your partner who like the natural beauty of the sunset.

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11. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir

The unique atmosphere of the coastal coast and the typical coastal buildings that seem to float on the beach will make your pre-wedding photos very cool. You can come to Tanjung Pasir Beach.

But to be able to take pre-wedding photos here, you have to get up very early because the best time to take pictures is when the sun rises. That’s why it’s rare for couples to use this location for pre-wedding photos.

In fact, if you want to sacrifice just a little, the results of the pre-wedding photos here will not disappoint and are guaranteed to be very beautiful.

12. Tanjung Kait Beach

Cape Kait Beach

Tanjung Kait Beach is also not very popular for pre-wedding places in Tangerang. However, the existence of this beach is actually very beautiful. Not only beach views can be had, but also coastal views where there are many boats and floating buildings.

You and your partner can use this location as a pre-wedding location. It’s just that maybe you have to be a little complicated. But the photos are guaranteed not to disappoint.

This location is suitable for outdoor, beach, casual, or other concepts. Always determine the concept that suits you and your partner before deciding on a location.

13. Serpong Bamboo Forest

Serpong Bamboo Forest

Besides Surabaya, Tangerang also has a bamboo forest, to be precise in the Serpong area. You can make this area a cool pre-wedding photo location.

Towering bamboo trees with shady green will make you feel as if you are in Japan. The beauty of this location also allows you to get decent photos.

This location is not so popular as a location for pre-wedding photos. However, seeing the condition of this promising bamboo forest, you can predict for yourself whether this location is suitable for you or not. Try to come and check this location yourself. Don’t forget to use the services of a cool photographer.

14. Karawaci karts

Karawaci karts

Who would have thought that around Gokart Karawaci there is a place that is cool enough to be used as a pre-wedding photo spot. There is one couple who have proven it.

They chose this location because it was not far from their house. In addition, it turns out that the photos did not disappoint and it was unexpected if this photo was taken from around Gokart Karawaci.

If you and your partner want photos that are as beautiful as this one, you can check the location. Maybe there are still many cool spots around that haven’t been explored further.

15. Tanjung Lesung

Cape Lesung

Want to capture the pre-wedding moment on a long bridge that directly leads to the ocean? here it is. You can pose on the bridge with a natural feel typical of the beach.

The sea views on your right and left will impress the spaciousness and breadth of the atmosphere. You and your partner can get cool photos there.

You can also travel there while doing the pre-wedding photo process. It will make the mind more calm and relaxed.

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Of the fifteen recommended places that you have read above, which place appeals to you the most and fits your budget? Here are some more recommendations for pre-wedding places in Tangerang to be considered.

  1. Flavot Bliss Alam Sutera
  2. Situ Ciputat
  3. Cup Island
  4. Tangerang Square
  5. Two Coconut Situ
  6. Gading Serpong Wooden House Restaurant
  7. Gading Serpong
  8. Marcopolo Water Park
  9. Ten Door Water Dam
  10. Kampoeng Kalapa Balaraja

Those are some cool locations for pre-wedding spots in Tangerang and its surroundings. Determine your right theme and concept for the location you have chosen. Happy choosing.

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