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25 Famous Tourist Attractions in Adelaide (2022) • Youth Travel

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The famous tourist attractions in Adelaide are the choice for tourists to carry out recreational activities with friends and family.

Adelaide is one of the largest cities and the capital city of the Australian state of South Australia.

Adelaide is the most populous city in Australia with a population of 1,333,927 in June 2017.

There are tons of famous tourist attractions in Adelaide, and here is a list of 25 of them.

1. Barossa Valley Wineries

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Barossa Valley Wineries

Barossa Valley Wineries- photo :

This tourist attraction is certainly very interesting to visit because it is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. This place is located about 56 km northeast of Adelaide city.

In addition, in this winery, tourists can enjoy and taste wine. You can also do a Barossa Valley tour by enjoying the beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, slopes, and hills.

2. River Torrens (River Torrens)

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - River Torrens

Torrens River – photo :

The Torrens River is one of Adelaide’s most stunning rivers. The river flows for 85 km from its source in the Adelaide hills near Mount Plesant.

The river crosses the Adelaide plain past the city center and enters St. Bay. Vincent. Around this river, tourists can enjoy the scenery by relaxing with family in this famous tourist spot in Adelaide.

3. Adelaide Zoological Gardens

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Adelaide Zoological Gardens

Adelaide Zoological Gardens- photo :

Adelaide Zoo is a great destination for children and adults alike. This tourist attraction is the second oldest zoo in Australia, located in Adelaide, South Australia.

This zoo has an area of ​​​​about 8 hectares and opened on May 23, 1883. This zoo has about 300 species of animals and has more than 2000 animals in this tourist spot.

4. South Australian Museum

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum – photo :

Museum South Australia is a natural history museum and research institute in Adelaide that was founded in 1856. This museum occupies a building complex on North Terrace, the cultural area of ​​Adelaide Parklands.

This museum stores various collections of ancient objects such as various kinds of fossils, galleries of Aboriginal life, collections of various minerals and meteorites, megafauna collections, museum libraries and many more.

5. Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden- photo :

Adelaide Botanical Gardens is one of the public parks covering approximately 51 hectares in the northeast corner of Adelaide city centre. This beautiful botanical garden opened in 1857.

Most tourists spend 3 hours relaxing in this place. This park also has and displays a wide collection of native plants and international horticultural plants.

In addition, this botanical garden has a Palm House, Rose Garden, Bicentennical Conservation which further adds to the natural impression of this tourist spot.

6. Rundle Mall Plaza

Famous Tourist Attractions in Adelaide - Rundle Mall Plaza
Rundle Mall Plaza is one of the premier shopping destinations in the Adelaide area. This place is a shopping street area for pedestrians.

In this place, tourists can find a variety of delicious food, interesting books, to find people selling souvenirs. Around this place there is a giant ball building that is interesting to take pictures.

7. Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island)

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia, after Tasmania Island and Melville Island.

The island is 112 km southwest of Adelaide. The island has a wine industry, producing agriculture (wine, honey, wool, meat and grains).

Kangaroo Island is visited by 140,000 tourists every year, the majority from Europe. Kangaroo Island also has destinations such as Seal Bay Conversation Park and Flinder Chase National Park.

In this place, tourists will not only meet kangaroos. You can find various types of amazing animals such as sea lions, bees, reptiles in this place.

8. Gorge Wildlife Park

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Gorge Wildlife Park

Gorge Wildlife Park can be one of the destinations for tourists who want to see various types of wild animals.

Gorge Wildlife Park opened in 1965 and remains run by the same family. This tourist attraction is located on a land with an area of ​​14 acres.

In the area of ​​this park there are various types of exotic animals, birds, and reptiles. In addition, tourists will find koalas, Tasmanian devils, snakes, lizards, frogs and mammals in this amazing place.

9. National Wine Center of Australia

Top Tourist Attractions in Adelaide - National Wine Center of Australia

This tourist spot is a place for a public exhibition about the winemaking industry and process, which opened in 2001. In this place visitors will be introduced to wine technology and types of wine.

In addition, tourists can also taste and compare wines from different regions of Australia. Then, outside the building displays seven different grape varieties for visitors.

10. Lake Bumbunga (Lake Bumbunga)

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Lake Bumbunga

Lake Bumbu – photo :

Bumbunga Lake is a salt lake located in South Australia, close to the towns of Lochiel and Bumbunga. Salt in this area has been mined since 1881. To get to this famous tourist spot in Adelaide, visitors need less than 2 hours from Adelaide.

The tourist attraction of Lake Bumbunga has a quite unique view, which is seen to have a color change to pink or depending on the salinity of the water throughout the year.

11. The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Famous Tourist Attractions in Adelaide - The Garden of Unearthly Delights
This place is one of the interesting outdoor parks to visit. In this place, visitors can find various famous festivals with an outdoor atmosphere using colorful lights.

There are also several bars, various kinds of food, market stalls, and various very interesting spectacles. In 2017, more than 750,000 people entered the gates of this park. Cool shows such as theater, circus, dance, comedy, family entertainment, comedy, music, and many more are offered at this tourist spot.

12. Migration Museum

Elder Park - photo :

Migration Museum – photo :

The Migration Museum is a social history museum located in Adelaide, South Australia and is one of three museums run by the History Trust of South Australia.

This museum deals with the history of settlement immigration in Australia. Furthermore, this museum was founded on the initiative of the government in 1983 and opened in 1986. This museum tourist attraction aims to promote cultural diversity and multiculturalism in terms of ethnicity, class, gender, age, and region.

13. Elder Park

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Elder Park - Elder Park

Elder Park – photo :

Elder Park is an open public park in the city of Adelaide and precisely on the south bank of the Torrens River, bordering the Adelaide festival center and North Terrace.

The park’s name is named after the Elder family who were the early settlers and developed the Elder Smith company. The Elder Rotunda Gardens officially opened on November 28, 1882. At least 3000 people attended the event in Adelaide on a spring evening. In addition, this tourist spot is also often used as a place for musical performances.

14. Victoria Square

Famous Tourist Attractions in Adelaide - Victoria Square

Victoria Square – photo :

Victoria Square also often referred to as Tarntanyangga / Tarndanyangga is a public square located in Adelaide. The area name “Victoria Square” was given during the Street Naming Committee event on May 23, 1837.

This popular tourist spot in Adelaide is a great place to visit at Christmas due to the 24.5 m tall Christmas tree in the northern part of the square. In addition, this place also has a fountain and very beautiful lighting.

15. Rymill Park

Famous Tourist Attractions in Adelaide - Rymill Park

Rymill Park – photo :

16. Ayers House

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Ayers House

Ayers House – photo :

17. Adelaide-Himeji Garden

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Adelaide-Himeji Garden

Adelaide-Himeji Garden – photo :

18. Adelaide Oval

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval – photo :

19. Old Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Old Adelaide Gaol

Old Adelaide Gaol – photo :

20. Thorndon Park Reserve

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Thorndon Park Reserve

Thorndon Park Reserve – photo :

21. Art Gallery of South Australia

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia – photo :

22. Maslin Beach (Maslin Beach)

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Maslin Beach - Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach – photo :

23. North Terrace

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - North Terrace

North Terrace – photo :

24. Harbor Town

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Harbor Town

Harbor Town – photo :

25. Bonython Park

Adelaide's Famous Tourist Attractions - Bonython Park

Bonython Park – photo :

Thus information about 25 famous tourist attractions in Adelaide, Australia. Actually there are many other best attractions in the city of Adelaide. Hopefully useful for all of you and thank you.

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