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25 Best and Romantic Prewedding Places in Jogja

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Jogja is a province that is full of a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from cultural tourism, nature tourism, to educational tourism. There are so many tourists who visit Jogja even though it is not a vacation time.

If you plan to choose a pre-wedding location, Jogja is the right location. There you can freely choose whichever location is appropriate for you and your partner. Here are some recommendations for pre-wedding places in Jogja that might help you make your choice.

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1. Taman Sari Water Castle

Located in the Yogyakarta Palace complex, this location is a very attractive choice for you and your partner who like ancient buildings. In addition to the pool area, other locations are no less interesting.

The best location in the Taman Sari Water Castle complex is on the steps of the meeting of the underground mosque. Very many couples do pre-wedding there.

You can be one of them. All concepts feel like they can fit in, because the location is very flexible for all pre-wedding concepts.

2. Queen Boko Palace

Queen Boko Palace

In Ratu Boko Palace, there is a magnificent terraced gate which is also the main part of the entire Ratu Boko Palace complex. There are also many couples who have prewedding here.

If you want to take this location as a pre-wedding location, make sure the color of the clothes you choose is right and contrasts with the atmosphere there.

As much as possible avoid dark colors and prefer light colored clothes. Dark clothes will only make you and your partner less visible and cause the photos to be less good.

3. Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

This sea of ​​white sand that resembles a desert will provide a cool background for your pre-wedding photos and your partner. In addition, many pre-wedding concepts can be entered, ranging from elegant to casual concepts.

You and your partner don’t need to bother looking for photo location spots because these Gumuk Pasir are all good spots for taking pictures.

There are also many couples who have prewedding there. Because this location is a highly recommended pre-wedding place in Jogja.

4. Imogiri Pine Forest

Imogiri Pine Forest

The pine forest is a cool location to take photos. Including pre-wedding photos. You can also consider the Imogiri Pine Forest, whose name is already well-known.

You and your partner can enjoy the typical air of the pine forest while doing the pre-wedding photo process there. There have been many couples who have also chosen this location.

Besides being free, you and your partner also don’t have to travel far to get there. This will make your vacation time in Jogja can still be maximized.

5. Pok Tunggal Beach

Single Pok Beach

The typical view of the beach with wide white sand will be a romantic location for you and your partner. If you want a location like this, just come to Pok Tunggal Beach.

You and your partner will get very cool pre-wedding photos there. The best concept is an elegant concept because this location looks elegant too.

If you want to take pictures there, try to come when the beach is quiet. Just come on weekdays or weekdays. And choose your best photographer.

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6. Siung Beach Cliff

Siung Beach Cliff

Siung Beach is a unique beach in Jogja because it has quite different characteristics. There is a cliff that if you stand on the cliff, you can see a wider view of the beach.

The location is suitable to be used as a pre-wedding place in Jogja. If you and your partner want a different atmosphere, just come to this Siung Beach Cliff.

Guaranteed, the results of your pre-wedding photos will be cool. However, keep in mind, choose the color of clothing that is suitable for use there. Don’t let the color of your clothes make your photos look bad.

7. Malioboro


Malioboro is a typical area of ​​Yogyakarta which is always crowded by tourists, both holidays and weekdays. The uniqueness of the area can be used as a cool concept for your pre-wedding photos.

You and your partner who want to find a photo object that is really Jogja, can make Malioboro an option. Besides being free, there are many things out there that can make your photos more interesting.

A pedicab or carriage driver on the side of the road, or the busyness of Malioboro can make your pre-wedding photo atmosphere simpler but still unpretentious.

8. Depok Beach Aeromodeling Runway

Depok Beach Aeromodeling Runway

This airplane runway near Depok Beach is also currently popular. This location is also now popular to be used as a pre-wedding place in Jogja.

This 400-meter straight road can make your pre-wedding photos more interesting. In addition, this location is also very photogenic. Prepare all the properties that support the concept you choose.

You and your partner will not regret after choosing this location. You can also hunt sunset views here, you know. Complete to fulfill your romantic moments with your partner.

9. Kali Kuning Bridge

Kali Kuning Bridge

Located in Plunyon Village, this bridge is an ancient bridge whose atmosphere is very beautiful with shady and shady trees that will spoil your eyes.

Of course, this location is also worth considering as your pre-wedding location with your partner. In addition, you don’t need to spend money to be able to take pictures here.

Choose the best concept and the best outfit for your photo here. Use contrasting clothing colors. Do not use green or black clothes if you want the photos to be more interesting.

10. Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple

Jogja has many temple areas, one of which is Plaosan Temple. Plaosan Temple is often used as a location for taking pre-wedding pictures.

The interesting thing about Plaosan Temple is the legend or history which says that this temple is proof of Rakai Pikatan’s love for his wife.

You and your partner who want to have a story as romantic as that, maybe you can choose this place as a symbol of your love. Maybe you guys can last like the story of Rakai Pikatan with Pramudya Wardhani.

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11. Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave

Who says Jomblang Cave is only for people who like caving or caving? Jomblang Cave is also suitable for capturing pre-wedding moments, you know.

You and your partner can take pre-wedding photos under the natural sunlight that enters the cave through the hole above. Of course, you will get a sacred and meaningful atmosphere there. Although most likely the photos that will be obtained are only silhouette photos, but you will not regret it.

to get in there, keep safety first. You and your partner are still required to wear cave railing safety equipment.

12. Kalibiru


Not far from the Kalikuning bridge, there is a tourist area called Kalibiru. There is a point where you and your partner can be stylish for your pre-wedding photos.

There is a balcony that hangs above a tree to see the view of the Sermo Reservoir from a height. You and your partner can make the balcony your main pre-wedding photo spot.

The cool scenery will make your photo background more natural and also very beautiful. You and your partner will not regret it.

13. Goa Cemara Beach

Goa Cemara Beach

Located in Gadingsari Village, Sanden District, Bantul, this beach is one of the most popular beaches in Yogyakarta and its surroundings.

Many couples have held their pre-wedding photos there. The peculiarity of this beach is that it is overgrown with many pine trees on its banks.

You and your partner are free to find a cool spot that fits your concept. Come on weekdays, because on weekends this beach is very crowded with tourists.

14. Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi Lava Tour

If you want a pre-wedding photo atmosphere that is quite different and more sacred than Jogja and its surroundings, just come to Lava Tour Merapi. There you will see the peak of Mount Merapi from a closer distance.

You and your partner can also pose on a mountain jeep or on the typical rocks of the Merapi volcano there. The typical view of the volcano will make you and your partner able to travel at the same time.

The photos are guaranteed not to disappoint. You are also free to choose what kind of concept, because this location is flexible for all photo concepts. How, are you interested in taking this location as your pre-wedding location?

15. Nglanggeran Volcano

Nglanggeran Volcano

Do you and your partner like to climb mountains or do you like outdoor activities such as camping or hiking? Maybe this Nglanggeran Volcano is right for you.

You can climb to the top of the mountain to take cool photos because there the scenery around is more beautiful.

Many couples have held their pre-wedding there, you know. If you go there, you will not only get beautiful photos, but also get an experience climbing a mountain with your partner.

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From some of the recommendations above, there are some additional recommendations that are suitable for you and your partner. Here are additional recommendations for places for pre-wedding in Jogja that you might consider.

  1. Maguwoharjo Stadium
  2. Paris House
  3. Barong Temple
  4. Sermo Reservoir
  5. Zero Kilometer Jogja
  6. White Pal Monument
  7. Kaliurang Tourism Park
  8. Mangunan Pine Forest
  9. Fort Vredeburg
  10. Kaliadem

Those are some recommendations for pre-wedding places in Jogja that you can choose with your partner. Happy holidays and happy photo hunting.

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