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25 Beautiful and Unique Prewedding Places in Bandung

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Prewedding Place in Bandung, Bandung is a city that is famous for its beautiful natural atmosphere. Surrounded by highlands and mountains, this city has a lot of enchanting outdoor tourism potential. Apart from this, the city center of Bandung is getting cooler nowadays.

Therefore, there are lots of cool spots to be used as Prewedding Places in Bandung, both in the city and on the outskirts of the city for outdoor photos. If you want to find a reference for pre-wedding photo spots in Bandung and its surroundings, maybe you can consider some of these places.

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1. De Ranch Horse Farm

De Ranch horse ranch is a cool place for a pre-wedding venue. The contribution for pre-wedding is around IDR 2,000,000 for every 6 hours of shooting sessions.

The green scenery coupled with attributes that can be rented such as horses and other equestrian equipment will make the photos more beautiful.

The location is in Bandung Utawa, precisely in the Lembang area. If you want to take pre-wedding photos there, try it when you enter a weekday, because on the weekend it will be very crowded.

2. Bamboo Village

Bamboo Village

Pre-wedding venue in Bandung, Dusun Bambu is no longer a foreign place for the people of Bandung. A unique and fairly beautiful place is indeed suitable to be used as a pre-wedding location with a natural rural concept.

The beautiful lake and the rows of wooden houses that seem to float will make the results of pre-wedding photos more natural and natural. Make sure to use the services of a reliable photographer if you want better photos.

To be able to take pre-wedding photos there, just come on weekdays or weekdays so that the atmosphere is not too crowded. That way, the resulting pre-wedding photos will seem more exclusive.

3. Juanda Forest Pine Park

Juanda Forest Pine ParkPrewedding place in Bandung, Pine forest always has its own charm. Not to mention taking pre-wedding photos, even for contemporary photos, the pine forest has its own beauty.

If you want a pre-wedding photo in a pine forest not too far from downtown Bandung, just come to the Juanda Forest Pine park. The location is in Upper Dago which is not too far to visit.

The charm of pepinusan will make the results of pre-wedding photos more natural and also shady. Suitable for you and your partner who like natural shades.

4. Stone Garden

Stone Garden

Located at an altitude of 908 meters above sea level, Stone Garden is a cool location for a pre-wedding place. And again, to be able to take pre-wedding photos there the cost is very cheap. Only IDR 5,500.

But even so, the beautiful and unique scenery will make your pre-wedding photos look expensive. You can invite your partner to take pictures there.

Prepare cool clothes and photographers for maximum photo results. The location of this place is on Mount Pawon and it only takes about 2 hours to travel from the city of Bandung.

5. Walini Tea Garden

Walini Tea Garden

Walini Tea Plantation is a large tea plantation whose views will spoil your eyes. In addition, the vast expanse of tea is suitable as a pre-wedding location too, you know.

If you and your partner are looking for a pre-wedding place that feels spacious and natural, just come there and hire a photographer who is really reliable.

Although the place may be quite boring because it is only a tea garden, if you and your partner are observant looking for a good spot, of course the photos will not be boring. Good luck.

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6. Hotel GH Universal

Hotel GH Universal

If you and your partner have more budget for pre-wedding photos, this GH Universal Hotel might be right for you. The shape of the building is magnificent, luxurious, and has the image of European-style architecture, will make your photos very attractive and luxurious.

Reportedly, for pre-wedding photos there the price is set at around fifteen million rupiah. However, you will get other packages such as staying for a honeymoon, and others.

How? Interested in being an exclusive and elegant wedding couple? Please try by coming directly to the GH Universal Hotel in Bandung.

7. Braga & Asia Africa

Braga & Asia Africa

Braga & Asia Afrika is a street name or area that is quite well known in Bandung. If you and your partner want to take cheap or even free pre-wedding photos, you can take this location into consideration.

Apart from its uniqueness that really reflects Bandung, this location will also give its own vintage impression for you and your partner. Suitable for you and your partner who like vintage concepts.

Look for the best photo spots there that are right and cool. Many typical European buildings can also be the background of your photo. To make it more interesting, taking pictures at night is recommended.

8. Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang

This lake may not be so famous for taking pre-wedding photos, but its beauty can be compared to other cool lakes. You and your partner can get cool photos here, you know.

The view of the lake and the shores of the lake will make your pre-wedding photos interesting and natural. In addition, the calmness of the lake water can be a mirror that reflects your and your partner’s reflection. And it will give its own impression in the world of photography.

Look for the coolest spot for cool pre-wedding photos. Although cheap, this place is not cheap. Worth considering.

9. Keraton Cliff

Keraton Cliff

Prewedding venue in Bandung, Tebing Keraton is a very popular place on Instagram recently. There you and your partner can get pre-wedding photos with the concept of hills or mountains with a background of green plants.

Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, Tebing Keraton is a good place to visit while waiting for the sun to rise.

If you and your partner want a romantic pre-wedding photo but still have a natural concept, this location is also suitable for you.

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10. White Crater

White crater

Besides being suitable for tourist attractions, the White Crater of Ciwidey is also certainly suitable for taking photos for pre-wedding. The nuances of white fog and elegant craters will make your pre-wedding photos elegant too.

You and your partner can take pre-wedding photos there with many concepts. The outdoor concept is suitable, because this location is indeed an outdoor location. The elegant concept is also suitable because of the supportive atmosphere.

If you want to take pictures there, it’s better to avoid holidays such as weekends and other school holidays, because they will be very crowded.

11. Lembang Tea Garden

Lembang Tea Plantation

Similar to the Walini tea garden, here you can also take pre-wedding photos. Look for the best spots that will produce beautiful photos. You can get natural and simple nuances there.

There are also many concepts that can be taken, because the location is quite flexible for various pre-wedding photo concepts. You can take a casual, outdoor, or even elegant theme.

You and your partner have nothing to lose to take pictures there. Hire the services of a good photographer for good photos, huh? Good luck.

12. Cikole Forest

Cikole Forest

Being at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level makes this Cikole Forest cool and of course the feel is very natural. The location is around Tangkuban Perahu.

You and your partner can take photos in a cool spot under the shade of a tall pine forest. You will get a natural impression. You can pose anything under the pine forest.

You can take the concept of outdoor photos into consideration. However, another concept is no less interesting to take pictures here. As long as you hire the services of a cool photographer, your photos here are definitely very cool.

13. Pancasila Monument

Pancasila Monument

Want a place for free pre-wedding photos but still cool and really Bandung? This is the place. No need to rent an expensive hotel or go all the way up the hill to get cool pre-wedding photos in Bandung, really.

If you and your smart partner are looking for the right concept and location, any place can actually be used as a place for pre-wedding photos. One of them is the Pancasila Monument.

The parks around the Pancasila Monument can be used as a decent pre-wedding photo spot. Many couples have captured their pre-wedding moments here. And the photos are also appropriate and decent. You may need to prove it yourself.

14. Paris van Java

Paris Van Java

This mall, which carries a vintage and European-style concept, is also the right place to be used as a pre-wedding photo location. Many couples take pre-wedding photos there.

You and your partner can choose a cool vintage concept for your pre-wedding photos. Some couples do pre-wedding photos at night with casual clothes. However, the photos are not less cool than other concepts.

If you take pictures there, of course there is no charge, aka free. Suitable for those of you who want to save on expenses.

15. Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas

Looking for a vast savanna view filled with deer roaming like in Africa? Maybe this location is perfect for you and your partner who really likes the atmosphere.

In addition to the cool and beautiful scenery, Ranca Upas is also unique because there you can get many cool spots to take pre-wedding photos. You can also take pre-wedding photos with the deer there, you know. Of course the photos you will get will be different from the others.

Just come with the best couple and photographer and capture your pre-wedding moment there. Guaranteed you won’t regret it. Your photos must be really cool. Good luck.

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In addition to the 15 lists above, here are some additional lists that might also be used as a reference for your pre-wedding photos.

  1. Maribaya Tourism Park
  2. Floating Market
  3. Leaf Village
  4. Imah Artist
  5. Secret Garden
  6. Old Village
  7. Congo Cafe
  8. D’Cafe
  9. Cups Coffee Shop
  10. Tangkuban boat

Those are some references to Prewedding Places in Bandung that you can consider with your partner. Make sure the concept and location you choose are suitable so that the photos can be cool and in accordance with the concept. Happy choosing.

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