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2022 Fashion Trends: Bold and Sustainable

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

fashion trend it’s always interesting. Despite being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic for the past two years, fashion never dies and still attracts interest. Like what fashion trend 2022?

Entering 2022, fashion is said to be growing and even opening up opportunities for the fashion industry to sprint again.

Yarn Jarum Co-Founder, Allyssa Hawadi said 2022 will be a different year for Indonesian fashion. The colors that come out next year can be more diverse, bold, and brilliant.

“Because people have been detained for almost two years because of Covid-19, maybe in 2022 the situation will improve and people will be more expressive,” said Allyssa at the Virtual Press Conference WONDERFUL HARMONY | Raisa X Needle Thread, last Tuesday (21/12).

In contrast to 2020 and 2021 where fashion is dominated by calm colors, in 2022, fashion will be dominated by bolder and bolder colors. Even neon green or neon bright colors can be liked and used by many people.

“Everything is bold, people will be out of their comfort zone. Electric blue, neon colors, all things are bold,” he said.

Sustainable fashion

Throughout 2021, the fashion industry will be colored with a sustainable mindset. This trend is also said to last and continue to grow in 2022.

Senior Advisor at the Indonesia Fashion Chamber, Dina Midiani, said that sustainable fashion will continue to develop along with the thought of protecting the environment.

“Trends will indeed change, there will be changes over time, but sustainable fashion, which is sustainable will continue to be carried out by actors in this field,” said Dina to when met in the Istora Senayan area, last Thursday (16/12).

He added that this sustainable fashion can be seen from the selection of materials, packaging patterns to the manufacture of the fashion.

“So the idea is what kind of environmentally friendly material, not only how it looks but how it goes on for the earth,” said Dina.


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