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2010s Era Movies That Are Already Considered Classics (Part II)

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Timeless quality films. For film audiences (observers, human beings, and connoisseurs) when we talk about classic films, we generally mean we are talking about extraordinary quality films that were released decades ago. In short, when thinking about classic films, it must be synonymous with old material (films). Whether it’s vintage black and white films from the ’30s and 40s to color dramas from the ’70s and ’80s, “classic” is generally meant to refer to older, acclaimed films. However, as with anything new, which of course, over time in the future, it will become a part of history (past-ed), here we present the 2010s era films that are considered classics at random.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the weirdest action films of the 2010s, but it’s also one of the best. When word got out that George Miller was making a sequel to the less classic “Beyond Thunderdome” thirty years later, many were booed. But the ridicule disappeared when this film came. The film was a huge success with much acclaim for the technical aspects of the production. At a time when action cinema prioritized CGI, Miller succeeded in making audiences gape with his fantastically filmed and edited old-school formulaic action, which in the process earned him six Oscars.

Boyhood (2014)

is considered a classicAlthough it looks simple, Boyhood is actually a very ambitious film, because it was filmed sporadically starting from 2002-2013, when the main characters, especially actor Ellar Coltrane were still child actors until they became teenagers. Inevitably this makes the basic concept of this film extraordinary and should be recorded in the history of Hollywood cinema especially as a bold and complex ambitious work. The slickness of the production stage is not the only thing that stands out from this classic 2010s era film, but also because the life story of the main character Mason Evans is full of memorable and human characters and full of touching scenes that can move even the most cynical audience. .

Parasite (2019)

is considered a classicParasite will forever have a place in the history books, becoming the first non-British film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. That alone marked the Parasite to classic status. This film script is easily one of the best in years. Not only does it produce strong characters and an engaging story, it’s also layered with meaning, symbolism, and topical themes. Parasite is a great film about the class struggle – perhaps even the greatest – and would easily go down as one of the best films of its generation.

Frozen (2013)

is considered a classicAmong the modern animated films that have appeared in the last two decades, none is more phenomenal than Frozen. Not only is the song Let it Gonya an anthem for the little girls in the world, this film which tells the adventures of a young woman who goes to find traces of her sister who is an ice witch is a cultural phenomenon similar to classic Disney films. before. The popularity of Frozen that brilliantly filled the vacuum of animated films aimed at women made this film not only grossed over $1 billion at the box office, but made the faces of its two main characters: Anna and Elsa plastered on almost any product.


is considered a classicChristopher Nolan has given us a number of future classics over the years, such as the 2014 space film Interstellar, but I think of all his works so far, Inception will be his most unforgettable. Following a group of dream invaders as they plant an idea in a man’s head, Inception has plenty of multi-generational stars in its cast, fast-paced editing, quirky quirky action, captivating emotions, and action noble enough to keep all eyes glued to the screen. Definitely a future classic, Inception will forever be seen as an unforgettable experience in the imaginative power of film. It is widely heralded as one of Christopher Nolan’s greatest and most imaginative works, and many of its visuals have become mainstays of popular culture icons. The ambiguous ending is still debated to this day (complete with many fan theories), and even the term “inception” (or x-“ception”) has become a common term. This is the film that will forever define Nolan’s career.

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